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Back Cover: link
Trailer: link
Length: 2 hr. 46 min.
Rating: XXX
Released: Jan 12 2010
Studio: Zero Tolerance Ent.
UPC: 827328027669
My Grade: A

From DVD: Who are the nastiest nymphs, hottest whores, and sexiest sluts? Downtown Girls of course! With their sophisticated sucking, hipster humping and working girl attitude - these cock-craving cuties give you an up-close view of their Cosmopolitan twats. Shot in a stylized, vignette format - Downtown Girls is beautiful, sexy and scorching hot! If you're looking for gorgeous women that suck and fuck with a reckless abandon, look no further than Downtown Girls.

No condoms were used, there was no anal sex and all the girls had bald labia.

SCENE 1: Sara (the girl on the box cover) and Rocco. All sex takes place on a sectional sofa. He's sitting on the sofa. Sarah is kneeling between his legs, blowing him. She gets on top, facing him, and rides him for awhile, then blows him some more. Spoon position with them laying on their left sides, him holding her right leg up. Then reverse cowgirl, then doggie style with him standing up behind her while she kneels on sofa. He comes in her mouth and she lets it drip out. Can you blame her? She has bald labia and breast implants.

I really liked this couple. They definitely had chemistry. There was a whole lotta kissing between them which made this a little less porn-like. I love when it seem like I'm watching a real couple and this felt like that. It also felt like a mini-movie. Sarah is pretty. She looked better on the dvd than she does in the photo in the link above. Her hair wasn't so light in this dvd. There was a lot of one-finger fingering going on. Men, you must use two fingers. One is pretty pointless.

SCENE 2: Juliette Bardot and James Deen. In voice over, she's telling us about how she keeps an online journal and talks about how she met her boyfriend. They walk into her house and start kissing, her leaning back against the wall. She's wearing a short black dress and he's rubbing her crotch. He turns her around, she's facing the wall with her ass stuck out and he eats her pussy while kneeling down. He fucks her from behind but doesn't finish. I know of James from the dvd Private Independent that I reviewed.

In voice over, she tells us it's the next morning. They're laying on the sofa and she blows him. He's slouched down resting his head on the arm of the sofa and she gets on top of him. We get a really great view of penetration.

It's another day. She's in the kitchen, naked except for a t-shirt, talking on the phone. He comes up behind her and rubs her pussy. He's jerking off while doing it, then fucks her from behind. She puts her left leg up on something while he's pumping away behind her. He reaches around and rubs her clit while doing it.

Once again, it's another day. She's on the bed on her knees and elbows, blowing him whle he's standing up beside the bed. He has her lay back on the bed and he licks her briefly, then fucks her while he's standing up. Spoon position on the bed with them laying on their right sides, her left leg up. He's rubbing her clit and it seems like she has an orgasm. Reverse cowgirl on the bed. He's rubbing her clit, then puts those fingers in her mouth for her to suck. She blows him. Her ass is in the air. He gets behind her, licks her briefly, then fucks her. He rubs her asshole. He pulls out and comes on her ass.

She has a very cute face and body. She's totally bald except for a tiny landing strip. She has B cup natural breasts but I see the info online says she's now a C cup, so she's gotten implants since then.

I liked this couple a lot. They seemed to really like each other. He's one of the few men who actually takes the time to lend a helping hand, so to speak, and rubs the girls clit when he can get to it. He did it quite often.

SCENE 3: Ashli Orion, Marco Banderas, Sascha. I see that Marco is 20 years older than Ashli, lol. This started out real strange. It took me a minute to realize it was supposed to be a music video. In a real low voice, she was....rapping over mid-tempo music. Well, speaking is more like it. It was stupid as hell. She kept chanting cock! cock! and was even eating a chicken wing in the shower. The video shoot ended with her bitching to the director about how dumb it was. The two guys, who were dressed in yellow chicken outfits, stripped down. She got on her knees and blew both. Sascha fucks her from behind while she's standing up. She's blowing Marco. Marco says to her, 'sit on my cock', so she does.

After a minute, he moves them to the shower floor. It's one of those huge public-type showers. She's on top and blowing Sascha, who's standing to her left. She's gets off him and gets on top of Sascha. She gets off him, gets on her knees and Lee fucks her from behind while she's blowing Sascha. Then reverse cowgirl with Marco and she rubs her clit. She's back on her knees, blowing both. Reverse cowgirl with Lee while blowing Sascha. Spoon position with Sascha while blowing Marco, then she spoons with Marco while blowing Sascha. She stands up while Sascha fucks her from behind while holding her right leg up. She's leaning forward, blowing Marco. She gets on her knees and they come on her face at the same time.

Ashli is very cute with a petite body. She's almost flat chested but I hope she never gets implants. A little too much position changing with this one.

The credits say that she wrote the lyrics to the song! I know of Marco from the dvd Rough Sex that I reviewed.

SCENE 4: A freckled redhead, Faye, and a brunette, Georgia, are supposed to be models. They're sitting on an upholstered bench, going through a box of clothes. Dane, the photographer, is trying to tell Faye how to pose. He goes over to her and starts feeling her up. Georgia gets irritated and leaves them alone. Dane puts his hand down her underwear and rubs her pussy while whispering sweet nothings in her ear. He pulls his pants down and she blows him. They take their clothes off, get on their left sides on the bench and have sex in spoon position. She blows him, then gets on top, reverse cowgirl position, then blows him again. Doggie style with her leaning forward on bench, him standing up behind her, rubbing her asshole. She's on top, then he pushes her back and he's on top. He pulls out, comes on her real quick and puts it back in for a minute, then pulls out and comes again. The sound of him coming twice was music to my ears.

SCENE 5: Sara, the blonde from scene 1, is laying on a fancy settee, masturbating, fingering herself with two fingers like it's going out of style. She uses a double sided light blue vibrator. Not sure if it was turned on because I never heard it. In walks Georgia, from scene 4. She's wearing the same green t-shirt from the previous scene and thigh-high socks. Yes, thigh-high socks. Sara lays on her back and Georgia eats her. Sara sits on the floor with her back against the settee, head back, and eats Georgia, who's straddling her face.

Georgia lays back and Sara uses the vibrator on her for awhile, then has Georgia lick it.

SCENE 6: Isis, multi-ethnic girl, is trying to get the attention of Ethan, who is skateboarding. She's wearing old-school roller skates the entire time. They kiss, she blows him and they have sex right there on the hard-as-a-rock ramp. Doggie style, her on top, blows him, reverse cowgirl, he licks her ass. At the end she's standing up, in roller skates, and he's pumping away behind her.

This was very awkward to watch because of those damn skates. She almost fell more than a few times and when she was on top, she could hardly manoeuver around. I kept hoping she'd take them off but she never did. Aside from that, the sex was good. She's got a really nice body.

She looks nothing like her photo, which you can see by clicking on her name. In this dvd, her hairstyle is totally different, very cute, and she looks very pretty. In fact, she has the best hairstyle of all the women.

BONUS FEATURES: Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery, Cum Shots

The behind the scenes part was 21 minutes long. It was just a bunch of wasted film. We saw Sara getting her makeup done, her and the makeup artist eating chicken and the others posing for photos, the ones that are on the back cover. Nothing even remotely interesting. Why no one was interviewed is beyond me.

MY THOUGHTS: I liked this a lot because there was nothing that made me uncomfortable. No hair pulling or face smacking. Fortunately only one girl, Sara, had nasty implants with the dreaded big gap in between them.

My favorite scene was 4. Love the positions and close-ups. Reverse cowgirl and spoon positions are what I like to see most in porn (friggin' love it!) and there was plenty of it in this one. I see that there are two more in the series and I'd definitely buy them. They kissed a lot too.
My second favorite was scene 2. They seemed like a real couple and I liked that a lot. I like the production on this vignette.

Nothing about this dvd seemed low budget. There was vocal-free low, slow music playing throughout most of it and it didn't get on my nerves at all. The camera was pretty steady the whole time. Nice, very nice overall.

This came from my personal collection.

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