REISSUED: 9/22/1999
LENGTH: 1 hrs. 17 mins.
UPC: 692806000126

FROM DVD: Fresh faced porn goddess Marilyn Chamber's Insatiable played to packed movie houses around the world. The charming sexually submissive Chambers plays a young heiress and model, Sandra Chase, who is tormented by unsatisfied sexual desires. Undaunted, she gives it her all, in scene after scorching scene.

Highlights include the infamous sex marathon on a pool table scene where she gives it up to her working class gardener. Won the AVN Best Classic award in 2004.

This classic film, Insatiable,  is the 20th anniversary edition. As I like to do, I'll detail each sex scene then give my thoughts.

SCENE 1: Marilyn has arrived in London from New York (?) and is staying with a friend of her deceased mothers. It's daytime and she's outside, naked, in a hot tub with another woman, Serena, who's got short dark blonde hair. They take turns eating each other out. Marilyn has bald labia.

SCENE 2: Marilyn is driving down the road, seemingly in America when she's in England, and stops to help a man who has run out of gas and is late for a baseball game. He gets in her car and she drives them to a secluded location. They both get out of the car and she blows him.

SCENE 3: She's telling her mom's friend about the first time she had sex, six years previous. Flashback back to that day. It looks like she's supposed to be an underage teenager, complete with barretts in her hair and a younger sounding voice. She walks into a room and the older gardener, David Morris, who in real life later died from a drug overdose, is there shooting pool by himself. She says something to her and he calls her a 'cock tease'.  He pushes her back onto the pool table, her protesting and threatening to tell her father the whole time. He pulls the top of her dress down and licks her nipples, then he pulls her dress down then off and eats her out while fingering her. She's still telling him 'no' while telling him she's been watching him and thinking about him when she masturbates. He fucks her while talking dirty to her. He gets a little too verbally abusive for my taste and is hitting her in the face pretty hard with is penis. He pulls out and has her blow him. She's masturbating the whole time.

SCENE 4: Marilyn leaves her friend and her friend's boyfriend alone after dinner while she goes to bed. The couple goes outside and start kissing while laying in a lounge chair. The lighting in this whole scene is pretty bad since it really is dark outside. He eats her then fucks her while she's laying in the chair. Marilyn can hear what's going on through the window and masturbates to their sounds. Then it's doggie style for the couple, then she blows him until he comes on her face.

SCENE 5: Marilyn is still laying in bed masturbating then starts to fantasize. In the fantasy, she's laying on a table that's covered by a black sheet. The entire room is dark. All we can see is her because there's a light shining down on her. In walks the man from scene 3 that she had sex with for the first time. He eats her out and in walks another man that we've not seen before. She's still on her back with her head hanging down. The new guy stands behind her head and she blows him, upside down. The first guy penetrates her. In walks the blonde woman from the previous scenes. She licks Marilyn's nipples, kisses her, then helps her blow the other guy. The guy who's penetrating her comes on her chest and the blonde rubs in it. The other guy comes on Marilyn's face. The three of them walk out of the room, leaving Marilyn laying there. In walks a naked John Holmes. He walks up behind her. He slowly wipes the semen from around her mouth, bends down and kisses her. He eats her out briefly, then she blows him. He gets back in front of her and fucks her. It's no surprise that she looks to be in misery. I would imagine thirteen inches would put that look on any woman's face. He pulls out and comes on her. There was no talking at all during this whole scene. John is uncircumcised.

MY THOUGHTS: I liked this, as I was sure I would. Not that it matters but the people really could act, especially the blonde woman, Jesie St. James. If you edited the sex to make it R rated, this really would have looked like a mainstream film. I think old school porn was better produced and acted than the porn of today. It may sound lame but everyone seemed to take their jobs seriously back then.

There was a funny scene near the beginning where Marilyn is in the house and opens up a cabinet. There sits a box of Ivory Snow laundry detergent. For those who don't know, in real life, years before, Marilyn was the original girl on the box holding a baby but got fired after she began doing porn in 1972.

It was real nice to not see any breast implants. That may have been the best part of the whole film. The worst was all the pubic hair. Marilyn was the only one without much. She only had a little bit on her mound.

You can see everyone's photo here.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.

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