STUDIO: Xenon Pictures, Inc.
RELEASED: 2004/84 minutes

FROM DVD: Thirty porn stars discuss, in their own words, life in the Adult film industry. Topics such as the toll on personal relationships, physical demands, the risks of AIDS transmission, drug use and social stigmas are addressed in disturbingly candid interviews. From new starlets to legends, male and female, this is what it's like to be an Adult Star.

You'll meet Nina Hartley, a former nurse who is a frequent speaker at many events supporting free speach and sex education, and a co-star in the film Boogie Nights; I.S. Levine, editor for Flynt Publications and co-author of the book Coming Attractions, he has written numerous articles for Details and Rolling Stone and is an on-camera consultant for E! Entertainment's Hollywood Profiles; Julia Ann, Juli Ashton, Shayla La Veaux, Brittany Andrews, Anna Malle, Kylie Ireland, Felecia, Sasha Monet, Randy West, Tony Tedeschi, Asia Carrera, Bud Lee, Caressa Savage, Chloe, Jill Kelly, Steven Hatcher, Mike Raven, Nicole Sheridan, Bella Starr, Steven St. Croix, Devon Wolf and Melanie Stone.

Here at last are the real stories of the real people wo reisk their reputations, their health- even their lives- to create America's sexual fantasies. The lives of Adult Stars are secret no more.

MY THOUGHTS: This was a decent documentary but could have been so much better. This is rated R so no penis shots or closeups of vagina's. The interviews were conducted on-set with each actor chatting about various things. I'd have preferred it if they'd been interviewed in a different setting like you'd see on biography-type shows instead of outdoors and indoors while they're killing time between scenes.

Only a couple people talked briefly about how they got into the business and that was disappointing to me. I wanted to know what lead each and every one of them to this line of work but learned nothing about it, really.

I didn't care for Brittany Andrews and found her to be a bit arrogant and foul-mouthed, like some would expect someone in her line of work to act and speak. She said male actors who have trouble maintaining an erection are 'losers' and said she felt bad for the men who had to have sex with 'ugly girls'. She seems to think she's hot shit but I don't find her face, or attitude, to be attractive at all. She said that 'fluffers' don't exist in the porn industry, you know, girls who try to keep the guys erect between takes. Total myth.

Something interesting that I'd not heard of is something called a FIP, which stands for fake internal pump. So some of the 'money shots' are faked....I guess. No one said that exactly but it lead me to believe that's what they were talking about. I can't find any info on it so if you know more about it let me know!

Asia Carrera said that some of the small-breasted women who do stripping too don't earn as much as the large-breasted women and that's why some end up getting breast implants. So I guess you gotta spend money to make money! Asia doesn't strip, I think she said she's too 'chicken' for that (go figure!) but got implants anyway....and talked about how nice they were. They do look pretty natural because they hang like real ones and aren't round and melon-like like most implants are. Jill Kelly was massaging one of hers.

Nina Hartley jokingly put her hand on some man's crotch and said that some would consider that to be rude but she thought the opposite! She was a nurses before she got into porn but unfortunately she never mentioned it.

There's a filmography for each of the actors in the bonus features and a short 2-6 minute interview with the director and producer that wasn't that good.

Overall, this was alright but not as good as I'd hoped. The description from the DVD makes it sound a bit more interesting that it is.

This came from my personal collection. Same review here. (site NSFW)

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