Back Cover: link
Studio: Vivid
Filmed: 1995
Released: 1/1998
Length: 75 minutes
My Grade: B

From DVD: The Big Island Isn't Big Enough! It's Vivid's Hawaii with Asia, Chasey, Dyanna, JR, Brittany, Felicia and a host of studs who invade the pristine sands of Hawaii and teach natives a thing or two about savage sex! Welcome to the Big Island Adventure, Hawaii. Have your limbo bar greased.

This is about some strippers in California who go to Hawaii to do some stipping there and to get a bit of vacation. Before the film even began, there was a quick preview of films that each of the women had been in, including some women who weren't even in the film.

Chasey is on the left of the cover and Asia is to the right, with black hair. Asia has natural breasts.

Scene 1: Gross Marc Wallice, who I think is the manager, is at an empty strip club watching two girls dance, one of which is Felicia, then have oral sex with each other. Marc joins in by having sex with the blonde while standing up, her leaning against the stripper pole. Then she's in doggie style position while eating Felicia. I think he used a condom. Honestly, I was just trying to block him out!

Scene 2: Dyanna Lauren and Colt are discussing going to Hawaii. J.R. Carrington and some guy are in Hawaii on the beach. They perform oral sex on each other then sex in missionary position, then doggie. No condoms used and he had one intense orgasm.

Scene 3: Dyanna and Colt are in Hawaii at the beach. She blows him while he lays in the sand. They move to a different location and have sex in missionary position, then from behind while she leans against a tree, then doggie style in the sand. No condoms used.

Scene 4: Chasey and Colt, who is supposed to be Lauren's boyfriend, are at the beach. She's on her knees blowing him while he's kneeling in the sand, fingering her from behind, while the other people are away. She lays in the sand and eats her out, then sex in missionary position, then doggie style. No condom used.

Scene 5: The other three people who were with them come back. Bobby leaves and tells them not to have fun without him. The other guy eats her out while she straddles his face, then 69 position. Next is missionary position until he comes on her chest.

Scene 6: Asia is being eaten out by Marc on the beach. She blows him, then sex in missionary position, then doggie style until he comes on her ass.

Scene 7:  This is a continuation of scene 5. J.R. Carrington is being eaten out and fingered by Bobby on the beach. She blows him then doggie style sex in shallow water. No condoms used. I had to laugh when Bobby said to her, clearly unscriped, 'I'm gonna come! Let me come on your face! Let me come on your face! Then she rubbed it in like it was the finest moisturizer. Gag.

Scene 8:  Chasey and Asia are at the strip club dancing on stage together. They eat each other out in front of the crowd.

The End!


There were some very short, under two minute, bonus scenes, one of which featured Peter North getting blown by someone.

There was a quick bio on each of the women.

Also, there were some movie trailers but I forgot to watch them!

There were five quick scenes from films that had won awards, totalling six minutes:

Jenna Loves Rocco
Extreme Close-Up
Masseuse 2
Immortal Desires

MY THOUGHTS: This was just ok, nothing special. I don't like when porn is filmed outdoors because it's so hard to see what's going on, which defeats the purpose of watching porn. When you lean over someone it casts a shadow over them and what you're doing.

All but two women had breast implants so that was a disappointment. I do not approve of them and can't understand why anyone would get them.

This is no longer in print but don't worry....you didn't really miss much. Same review here.

This came from my own collection.

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