G Spot Orgasms and the Proper Toys For Them at EdenFantasys®

This post is going to be about something I've got experience with; G spot orgasms. I own some good toys targeted to hit that spot and some links to EdenFantasys.com will be provided should you want to purchase those mentioned.

When purchasing a G spot dildo, I recommend you buy one that has a coronal ridge on it, usually found on toys sold as 'realistic'. That ridge is located on the head of a penis and on a toy it will rub against the G spot better than one without it. One I own is called Curve. The ridge isn't very pronounced at all on this one but it worked very well because of how curved it is. It was my first G spot dildo. Should you not want that one, find one with a pronounced ridge.

Use the toy continuously and after a short time, maybe four minutes, you should feel the beginnings of an orgasm. The sensation will be very mild, just enough to notice, but very pleasurable. Keep at it and within seconds you'll be having an amazing orgasm, all due to a perfectly designed toy.

G spot vibrators are a 3-for-1 toy, as far as I'm concerned. You not only use them as you would a dildo but you get the added bonus of the vibrations on the G spot and clitoris. EdenFantasys has a nice selection of them. To achieve a G spot orgasm with one, use it like a dildo and when the orgasm is in full swing, leave it in place for the duration of the orgasm. The fast vibrations will be directly on the G spot and you won't believe how great you feel.

Though I don't own this exact model or another similar one, I own one very similar and it's made from the same material; TPR. This material is very giggly when the vibrator is turned on, unlike any other body-safe material, making it great to use the tip on the clitoris. The ring that you see vibrates just as well as the shaft. You're supposed to press that against your clit while the shaft is inserted. What you should try, and this is what I do, is while you're moving the shaft in and out, grind the nubby ring into your clit right before it's inserted again. Trust me, you'll get a lot of use out of it.

If you didn't know any of this before, hopefully I've taught you a bit about G spot orgasms and what to look for in a toy.

This was a sponsored post.

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