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Studio: Caballero/Vidco Entertainment
Release: 1987
Length: 79 minutes
Rating: XXX
My Grade: B

From DVD: Expect the unexpected. Master Director Gerard Damianio unleashes "Future Sodom" with erotic sights & sounds beyond your wildest imaginations! The two heroes in this carnal fable experience many unique and unforgettable sexual adventures with the likes of the ravishing Brittany Morgan, the voracious Frankie Leigh and with the XXX screen's most erotically explosive, new starlet - Laurel Canyon.

This is an odd DVD and I can't even tell you what the plot is so I'll just give you the sex scenes. No condoms were used and there is no bonus material. Click links to see photos of everyone.

Scene 1: A man named Micky is sitting in a big chair outside, naked, and there is a blonde man, Morgan, who took his dialogue seriously!, sitting in a chair, naked too, a few feet away. Laurel Canyon, the girl on the cover who has made her debut with this film and is flat chested, approaches them and tickles them with a feather. WTF? She kneels in front of Micky and blows him and Morgan is fucking her from behind. She straddles Micky and blows Morgan while he's in front of her, standing beside the chair. She gets in the chair and is getting fucked by Morgan until he comes on her. She turns to her left and blows Micky until he comes on her face and in her mouth.

Scene 2: All three of them go into someone's house and the men discuss 'pussy'. Peter North is in a bedroom sitting on the bed playing a game, wearing a pink ribbed tank top and shorts. His wife, Diana (Brittany Morgan), asks him why they don't have sex any more and he says he's not interested. She tells him he can't get it up anymore. Laurel walks in the room and Diana says to him, 'put your dick in her pussy'. Laurel gets on him in reverse cowgirl position and Diana rubs his balls. She gets off him and Diana gets on, facing him and Laurel straddles his face. Diana gets off him and helps him lick Laurel's clit. Then both women blow him while he and Laurel are in the 69 position. Diana is a natural blonde, according to her pubes.

Scene 3: Finally, a brunette! Frankie Leigh shows up. She goes into the bathroom where blonde Morgan is in the tub. He gets out and she blows him and licks his harry balls, me wondering how much pubic hair has gotten in her mouth the whole time. Doggie style sex next with a good view of it from underneath, then she's on top facing away from him while he sits on the toilet lid, of all places! She's got all her pubes. It was the 80s, after all.

Scene 4: Here's where it gets weird. Some ugly man (Bill Margold) who came from nowhere is dressed in a toga. He's in a room with five couples, talking about anal sex. He give three people dildos that never get used. In walks this horribly unattractive flat chested woman named Viper (who's now dead). She's a pale brown-eyed redhead with the breasts of an eleven year old and no pubes to speak of. She's got nipple piercings and a clit piercing. She's Lucy The Robot and is supposed to be a robot who is programmed for anal sex. She's wearing latex gloves and has writing all over her body. An orgy breaks out and it's a free-for-all. The usual stuff happens. While Viper is taking it up the butt butt by this guy she's fingering herself. The man who was in the toga is fucking Laurel from behind. He comes on her lower back and then....wait for it.....licks it all up like it's his last meal and makes this crazy face that scared me.

Scene 5: The brunette, Frankie, is in a room with Micky, the man from the first scene. She tells him she wants 'dick, dick and more dick' and wants to 'wallow in buckets of come'. She blows him and beside him is the guy from the previous scene, a hispanic guy who had anal sex with Viper. He's naked except for a shirt and is wearing a creepy clear mask with colored lips, teeth and eyebrows. Beside him is the ugly toga guy and he too is wearing the same clear mask. She blows all of them.

The end, thankfully!

MY THOUGHTS: I was thinking about keeping this until Viper showed up and scared me. The sex is all good. The best part is that no one had breast implants and I didn't see anyone spitting on genitals for lube. Too many harry sacs for my liking but I expected it. As usual, not much oral was done on the women, surprise, surprise but the men all got blown ten times over.

This came from my own collection.


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