BEND OVER BOYFRIEND: A Couples Guide to Male Anal Pleasure Adult DVD

Studio: Fatale Media, Inc.
Date: 1998 & 2004
Rating: X
Run Time: 60 minutes
My Grade: C

From DVD: Ever wanted to learn about anal sex? Can't believe it doesn't hurt? Sex educators Carol Queen and Robert Morgan guide us step-by-step through role-playing and fantasy, give suggestions on how to broach the subject of anal sex with a partner, and teach us the physical 'ins and outs' of anal play. Two other couples perform explicit demonstrations in this provocative, get-cozy video. Laced with humor and common sense, Bend Over Boyfriend is perfect for any couple wanting to explore new sexual territor and discover the secrets that lead to ecstasy.

Dr. Carol Queen and her partner, Robert Morgan, both healthcare professionals, teach sexuality-enhancing workshops and lecture nationally and internationally on sex-related subjects.

MY THOUGHTS: This was a slightly informative how-to guide on how to have safe anal sex. All the info applies to female anal sex too, obviously. Most of the video is Carol and Robert talking about the different types of lube, anal toys and harnesses. While they're talking the camera will cut to the two other couples who are supposedly watching the same dvd as we are.

The last part of the dvd is solely the three couples having anal sex, with the women wearing strap-ons. That was definitely entertaining.

My main complaint is that I wish the men had been interviewed about things like what made them interested in trying anal sex, when they first became interested in trying it, is their prostate ever stimulated and if so, what's it like? None of that was discussed at all and I don't know if the other two 'couples' were real couples or not. Watching them, I never got the feeling that they were.

Overall, not too bad but it could have been so much better.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.

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