MADCAP MASQUERADE by Persephone Roth

PUB. INFO: Dreamspinner Press, 10/09
SETTING: England, 1800′s (?)
GENRE: M/M Historical Romance
HERO: Loel Woodbine
HERO: Valentine Randwick

From Publisher: The Randwick family is as noble as any but lives in greatly reduced circumstances. When Loel Woodbine, Duke of Marche and heir to three fortunes, makes an offer for Miss Valeria Randwick’s hand, it seems like a godsend, but the young lady has already promised her heart to another—and a commoner, at that.

Desperate to avoid the marriage, Valeria concocts a wild scheme that depends upon the good graces of her monastery-raised brother, Valentine. When the prospective groom sees through the ruse, he surprises Valentine by agreeing to cooperate. But can Marche and Valentine fool London society while dealing with an accusation of murder and the distracting fascination between them?

MY THOUGHTS: I must admit that the premise of this book sounded good. Unfortunately, the story wasn’t to my liking. The masquerade itself was totally unbelievable and I don’t think it would have worked in real life.

Both lead characters were very likeable. Loel was attracted to Valentine instantly and didn’t hesitate to let him know. There were three or so very graphic sex scenes, which I enjoyed. They professed their love for one another way too soon.

I feel like the mystery as to who murdered a certain someone took over most of the story and that disappointed me. I wanted to read a romance, not mystery.

Both heroes ages weren’t given nor was the year this story took place. That info should always be given. Oddly and throughout the entire story, a word from a sentence would be missing for no reason. I’ve never encountered that before.

Overall, I was unsatisfied and I’m not sure if I’d try this author again.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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