STUDIO: Red Light District
LENGTH: 3 hr.

This DVD was comprised of six sex scenes and some bonus material. Each of the six scenes was about thirty minutes. No condoms were used and all scenes included anal sex, except the last scene.

SCENE 1: Gianna and Angela. Gianna is an attractive brunette with huge natural breasts. Angela is an unattractive, small breasted bleach blonde who's a 'squirter' and boy, can she spray. Gush is more like it and what a mess it was. I didn't like this scene at all, in any way, shape or form. It was degrading and made me very uncomfortable to watch. It was too violent and the two men, one of which was the fucking ugly and old camerman/director, Jake Malone, were just gross.

Too much spitting and hair pulling and not enough sex. Lots of use of an inflatible butt plug and ass-to-mouth sucking of the toy. I was honestly repulsed and upset watching this whole scene. I especially didn't like when the blonde guy had his foot pressed into the side of Angela's face while he was ramming into her from behind.

SCENE 2: Sasha. She's a cute brunette ( I think her eyes are blue) with small natural breasts who I think is twenty-one, according to what I thought they said in the bonus stuff. This was truly an awful scene and I hated it. She was obviously uncomfortable during most of it and you could tell by her expression that the anal hurt her. I'm upset just thinking about it. Hopefully she came to her senses and got the hell out of the sex business. If not, she's 100% stupid.

SCENE 3: Cassie. She's a blond with small natural breasts and a clit piercing. This was the first 'normal' scene of the DVD, despite the blue ball gag in her mouth!, and the first one with a different guy not seen in the previous two, thank goodness. He's young, uncircumcised, with dark hair, darker skin and a foreign accent. The scene begins with her playing with a beaded anal toy, the same one used in the previous scenes. I hope she washed it first. They have sex, including anal, in all the usual positions.

SCENE 4: Courtney and Jasmine. Courtney is a cute blonde with tiny breasts. Jasmine is a cute blue-eyed girl, possibly part Hispanic, with horrible large breast implants, complete with big scars underneath each one that I couldn't help but stare at. They not only have sex with each other but also with the dark haired guy from the previous scene.

SCENE 5: Tiffany. She's a cute blonde with small natural breasts and a clit piercing. She has sex with the dark haired man in all the usual positions. The scene begins with her knealing in a chair using a butt plug on herself. The guy comes up behind her and moves the plug in and out of her with his mouth, then removes it. She turns around, sits down and he fingers her like there's no tomorrow. She then blows him then stands up while he backs her into a foot stool. She sits on it while he eats her out. Then there's tons of sex.

SCENE 6: Jenna. She's the girl on the cover. She's really eighteen and graduated from high school the year this was filmed, she says in the bonus material. She's outside smoking a nasty-ass cigarette when two guys, one of which is the foreign dark haired man from the three previous scenes, come over to her. They go inside and all the sex takes place in the living room. This is the only scene with no anal sex. Guess she's saving that for marriage.


Behind the Scenes: Not much to talk about here. This is fourteen mintues long. Jenna masturbates in a chair while the creepy cameraman and director, Jake Malone, talks to her. Sasha pees on the toilet while Jake films it.

Bonus Scene: This is nine minutes long, which was about nine minutes too long. Two foreign blondes, one is cute and in her twenties and the other is in her thirties and is very unattractive. They showed them briefly when the dvd ended after scene six, while the credits were rolling. The older one was telling the other girl how to properly give a blow job and they were speaking in a foreign language. Anyway, I don't like this scene because Jake, the director, is filming the younger girl while she's blowing him and instead of speaking directly to her when he wants to ask or tell her something, he'll tell the other woman to tell her what he has to say. I can't figure out why he's doing it but I don't like it or him telling her she needs 'pratice'.

MY THOUGHTS: I like the last four scenes but hate the first two with a passion, including the two animals in them. Just thinking of the blonde haired man stepping on the girl's face makes my blood boil. What the hell has happened to porn over the years? Don't they produce any that's just sex, sex without slapping, spitting and hair pulling?

I would never, ever watch another dvd from this series and this isn't a keeper for me. I'm pretty sure it's going to give me nightmares tonight and I can't get rid of it fast enough.

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