Double Agent Dildo by Tantus

This toy is called Double AgentIt's made by an awesome American company called Tantus. No color is given for it but I'll call it caramel. From what I've seen, realistic dildos usually come in three colors, lightest to darkest: cream, caramel and coffee/mocha.

MATERIAL: All Tantus products are made from what they call 'ultra-premium' silicone and you can certainly tell. As you can see in the photo above, this solid dildo is bendable. It's firm yet squishy and flexible. It's comical how it can wobble back and forth. It feels amazing to the touch. I absolutely love the thick head and the ridge. It's very lifelike.

MEASUREMENTS: According to my own measurements, this has an insertable length of 6 3/4". The thickest part of the head has a diameter of 1.7". The shaft is pretty uniform in diameter, coming in at 1 1/2". The base is pretty small and very thick, only about 2 5/8" wide. This weighs 9.2 oz.

CARE & MAINTENANCE: Silicone is hypoallergenic, nonporous, boilable, odorless and easy to wash. Please use the hottest tap water and fragrance-free soap, if you've got it. Please note that you can't use silicone lube with any silicone toy as that will help break down the material. Use water-based lube only. Silicone should never be stored directly touching another piece of silicone as that too will help break down the toy over time. Wrap the toy in something first before storing it with other silicone pieces.

MY THOUGHTS: I loved this toy and have nothing bad to say about it or the makers of it. It's high quality, which you can see right away. It's got a unique feel to it, being squishy and flexible. It's beautiful and does beautiful things. The color is great too. The base won't stick to a flat surface, such as a toilet lid, but that's ok. I don't really want to use a toy this long in that way.  

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.

JEMMA by Beverly Byrne

PUBLISHING INFO: Fawcett, 12/1980
GENRE: Fiction/Historical Romance
SETTING: USA/Europe, 1800's

FROM PUBLISHER: Barmaid, society’s darling, social reformer, spy and the notorious Madam X. Jemma was all these women. And more…

Jemma’s tale is an extraordinary adventure sprawling with life and overflowing with richly realized characters. Her adoring stepmother, Phoebe, and Phoebe’s cruel and lustful husband, Amos. Milly, the devoted servant who would do anything to preserve Jemma’s happiness. The dashingly handsome Englishman, Garth Winters, who, overnight, transformed Jemma from a girl to a woman. And England’s most eligible bachelor, Lord Peter Ramsdale.

Lord Ramsdale wed her, made her the reigning queen of Mayfair society, but could not give Jemma the love she so desperately needed. Until the night Jemma discovered his terrible secret… and changed her life forever.

I first read this in 2008 and I must say this is a unique book. Wouldn't call it romance, for sure. It's got a heroine that is raped by men at different times but is also raped by a woman, has female masturbation twice, whippings, a severe beating, some erotic moments, suicide, you name it! So hold on to your hats folks, it's a dark, warped ride.

SPOILER SUMMARY: This books prologue starts in Massachusetts, April 18, 1841 with Jemma's birth. Jemma's pregnant mother, Eugenie Lalour de Crevens is from France. She's traveling to Vermont to be with the father of her child, Martin Murdock. His real last name is Marleduc but he changed it to sound more American, since he likes America so much. Eugenie is married to a man named Jacques, who's gay, so they don't sleep together. She's had an affair with childhood friend Martin. He's traveled to America and has asked Eugenie to come with him. Six months later, she decided to leave her husband in France and travel to America. She goes into labor in the coach. The coach arrives at an inn called 'Kettle of Fish' and is run by 55 year old Phoebe and her 40 year old husband, Amos. Eugenie died immediately after the baby was born. She didn't speak English so when Phoebe was asking her questions, she couldn't answer her. There was a piece of paper in Eugenie's pocket that had Martin's name and address on it. Phoebe named the baby, "This here's a little jewel of a baby. Her name's going to be Jemma. Jemma Murdock." Phoebe wrote a letter to Martin, telling him about Jemma and the mother's death. Martin left for Kansas two days after Jemma's birth so he never got the letter Phoebe sent him. Phoebe told Amos that she wanted to raise the baby.

Chapter one starts in Salem, Mass., 1858. Jemma is seventeen years old. She works and lives at the inn. She has black curly hair and green eyes, like her mother. Chapter begins with a doctor telling Jemma and Amos that Phoebe's heart is weakening. She's 72. Then she dies right then. Amos, who's never liked Jemma but has been attracted to her, arrives back at the inn after having been away for a while. He yells at Jemma and tells her the place is a mess. He raises his belt to hit her but hears their maid Milly, who's been there since Jemma was 7, coming, so he leaves without having hit her, though he has smacked her in the past. January 4, 1859, Garth Winters arrives at the inn. He's from England and is a spy. He has 'red-gold/blond' hair, dark brown eyes. At the inn, Jemma and Garth flirt with each other. Amos doesn't like it one bit. One night he goes into Jemma's bedroom, gives her and ugly, uncomfortable, stiff, skintight dress to wear and takes all of her clothes. The next day, Amos comes into her room, kicks her in the stomach and rapes her. She runs away the next day. She's walking in a blizzard and Garth, who just happens to be riding by, stops to help her. She gets in and they find an abandoned house to stay in until the snow stops. While there, they become lovers and she tells him that Amos raped her. They traveled to a hotel a while later. Garth bought Jemma clothes and jewelry. Garth had to be somewhere so he left Jemma sleeping. In the hotel lobby, he wrote Jemma a note saying where he was and when he'd be back. He put the note in an envelope along with some money. Amos, who'd been looking for Jemma since the day she left, saw Garth in the lobby telling a little boy to deliver the envelope to Jemma's room. Garth left and Amos stole the money, and note, from the boy. Jemma never got the note and thought that Garth had abandoned her. She had no money, couldn't pay the hotel bill, so she sold some emerald jewelry Garth had given her. She paid the bill and bought herself and Milly passage on a ship bound for England.

On the ship, she met an attractive forty year old man named Lord Peter Ramsdale. He showed interest in her so before they arrived in England, he asked her to marry him. She said yes, so they married soon after. Peter never wanted to have sex with her. A lady she met told her it's rumored that Peter visits brothels and even has some of them visit his home, where Jemma lives. Jemma didn't believe her. Jemma discovered a housekeeper was stealing money from them so Peter fired her. The lady left the key ring behind so Jemma took it and snooped in Peter's room, where she'd never been before. In the room she found a staircase that lead outside. That's the door prostitutes would use to come to his room. Sometime after that, she saw Garth at the theater. She was told he was married. He saw her too but they didn't speak. He didn't know that his letter to her never got to her and she just thought he left her high and dry, so there's a big misunderstanding between the two that they're unaware of.

One night Jemma went into Peter's room and asked him why he didn't want to have sex with her. He led her into another room that had whips hanging on the wall. He took her gown off, laid her face down on the bench and whipped her butt twelve times. "Jemma only moaned when the first three fell, but she was screaming by the fourth. Later she would realize that she had screamed more in terror and rage than in pain." Later, "At some point he (Peter, husband) had losed the buttons of his breeches and his engorged tool was fully evident. Without any preamble he spread her legs by forcing himself between them and he plunged his organ deep within her. The acts of whipping her were not separate; they were as one, a single unified deed of punishment and mastery. His thrusts were as rhythmic and forceful as the blows he had dealt her earlier. They built to a wild crescendo in which, head thrown back and teeth bared, he emptied himself into her, moaning and shuttering."

He apologized to her for what had just happened and told her that's why he visits 'trollops." He said he wouldn't see them any more, would only be with her and that what had happened was, for him, "the only kind of passion there is." She asked him why he married her and he said that in his own peculiar way, he loved her. The next day, Peter fired Milly. I guess he did it because he didn't want Jemma telling here about their warped relationship. Their sexual relationship continued. Jemma asked their old maid Jenny why Peter was like that. Jenny knows about what's going on because she see's Jemma's bruises. Jenny also tends to the prostitutes he brings home. He whips them too. Jenny told her that when Peter was seven, he caught his mom in bed with a man. Though she was married, she had men come to the house. I think they may have been paying her for sex but I'm not 100% sure. There relationship was bad from then on and when he was 20, he didn't go to her funeral. A year later, his father died. The father had been in serious debt and spent all the families money. Peter won a lot of money in a card game right after his father's death. He bought a mill with the money and became wealthy.

Jemma's whippings by Peter grew more violent. "When finally he was finished with whipping her he would throw himself on her in a mindless rage, sometimes not even bothering to unhorse (untie) her first. On those occasions he would grasp her bloodied, burning flesh in both hands, stretch it apart as far as it would go and thrust himself gasping and moaning into the tight aperture (anus) thus revealed."

She found out that all of his mill workers were dirt poor and lived in absolutely poverty. A 20 year old mill worker told Jemma that she was once beaten and raped by Peter. Jemma wanted to come up with a plan to help out all the workers. She decided that she could no longer live with Peter. She was 20 years old and had been married for almost 2 years. She discovered she was pregnant and that she couldn't leave him now. One night Peter led Jemma in to his room and made her strip to her undergarments. He asked her why she'd been meddling in his affairs. He smacked her then ripped off her chemise and underwear. "He was pummeling her with both hands now. Open-handed slaps first, followed by three vicious, closed first punches to the belly, which dropped her, moaning and retching to the floor. Then he was kneeling astride her prone figure and forcing her into a position that left her buttocks and back exposed for his punishing hands. The laps rained down like fiery hailstones. On and on and on, until there was no inch of her flesh that wasn't bloodies or bruised." While he was raping her, she found the strength to throw him off of her. "Now her husband lay at her feet, his pulsing male organ spilling its seed on the carpet beneath him." She told him she was pregnant and that if he ever came near her again or tried to have sex with her, she'd tell everyone all about him. She was "bloodied and bruised from head to foot." Him punching her in the stomach while pregnant will come back to haunt him, and I don't mean in the form of a miscarriage.

Peter stayed away from her from then on. The baby was born, a girl named Ellen Phoebe. The baby never really moved much and never talked. The doctor told Jemma that it was probably caused by a fall in the early stages of pregnancy. Jemma knew the baby didn't develope properly because of the punches to the stomach. When the baby was two months old, Peter, who didn't live at the house with Jemma, finally came to see her. He could tell by looking at her in the crib, just laying there, that something was wrong. Privately, he asked Jemma what was wrong with the baby. She told him it was his fault for punching her in the stomach while she was pregnant. She started hitting him and he raped her. She told him he shouldn't have done that, that she was going to spill the beans about how he is. He told her not to do that, that he would leave and she and the baby would never have to see him again.

Garth Winters is on a ship somewhere doing whatever it is he does, lol. A man was talking to him about a prostitute named Tanya. She showed up, started flirting with Garth but he wasn't interested since he's still married. In front of all the men on deck, Tanya stripped down and started dancing. The men were clapping their hands while she danced and she started masturbating in front of them all. After she 'climaxed', the men carried her off to have sex.

Are you ready for this?! Peter is at his home walking from room to room. He walked into his old nursery, got a valise he'd put there a few days before and took out a pistol. He walked into his mothers old room, remembered seeing her have sex with a man who wasn't his father, pointed the gun at the bed.....then put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. So that's the end of him. Good riddance, wouldn't you say? His funeral was four days later. The solicitor told Jemma that Peter had been bankrupt and owed sixty-thousand pounds. He told Jemma to go home to America, leave his debt behind, but she said no, the she'd pay the debt off sooner or later.

She got back into contact with her old maid Milly, whom she hadn't seen since Peter fired her. Milly told her she'd bought an old building and turned it into a whorehouse! Jemma, who needed money real bad, got an idea to go into business with Milly. Jemma wanted to turn it into a high class brothel that catered to the wealthy. She's recruiting girls from the mill to work there but won't hire virgins. One day while walking through the whorehouse, she see's a naked 17 year old Sybil rolling around on the bed. She starts to masturbate. When she finishes, she speaks to Jemma, whom she knew was watching, saying she knows it's wrong to do what she did but sometimes she has to when there isn't a man around. Jemma told her it wasn't wrong. That night, for the first time ever, Jemma 'experiments' with herself, at the ripe old age of 21.

Jemma contacted a Frenchwoman whom she'd seen recently. She'd been told the 60 year old woman, in her younger days, used to train prostitutes. Jemma wanted the woman, who's name I can't remember and I never bothered to write down, to 'train' her five prostitutes. The lady came over, was in a room with the 'tarts', had them lay down one at a time to practice tightening their vaginal muscles, I kid you not! One of the girls looked younger than she was. The French woman told her that some men would like that she looks young. She had the girl lay down and in front of everyone, she waxed the girls pubic hair in what is known as a Brazilian bikini wax. While all this is going on, Jemma was spying on them through a peephole in the next room.

Later on Jemma was talking with the Frenchwoman. The lady told Jemma that she'd taught the girls all she could. Jemma started to get real drowsy. The lady had drugged her drink with laudanum. She wanted to get a look at Jemma without her mask. Jemma always wore a mask that completely covered her face and went by the name "Madame X" while at the brothel. The lady had first seen Jemma not too long ago and thought she must be the daughter of Eugenie since she looked just like her. When at the brothel, Jemma hides her identity with a mask so she can keep her two worlds separate from each other. So to get a look at her face, she drugs her. Jemma's out of it, the lady lays her on the floor, takes the mask off, takes her dress off and starts to massage oil into her breasts. She turns Jemma over and.....masturbates her until she has several orgasms. She puts the mask and dress back on her and leaves. Jemma wakes up thinking she must have passed out. When she takes her dress off, she sees the oil on her and knows that something happened, but she doesn't remember what.

The story starts just over a year later in 1864 in London with Garth Winters discussing business with someone. Back at the whorehouse, it was to be a special night for all. The prostitutes, I think there are only 5, are going to put on a show for all the customers and Jemma. One girl pretended to be the headmistress and the other girls were to be spanked by her with a stick. So the girls took their underwear off and got spanked for being bad. The lights went out, it was pitch black, then in total darkness, the girls orgasms could be heard. It had been Jemma's idea to do that with the lights out. Jemma was aroused so when a Russian man she'd met there, Prince Dimitri, wanted to have sex with her, she took him upstairs. That was the first time she's had sex with anyone other than Garth years ago, and Peter.

A few weeks later Jemma was walking alone one night and was attacked by three me. One raped her and before the other one could rape her, the gag had fallen off and she screamed. Coincidentally, Garth and another man were walking near by and heard the scream. They got to her and the man who was with Garth ran to look for the attackers. Garth realized it was Jemma, who had passed out. The man came back, told Garth he couldn't find the men, then left. Garth hired a cab to take Jemma home. While in the cab, with Jemma still passed out, he RAPED HER, knowing she'd just been raped.

He covered her whiteness with his big frame and took her in a mindless act of both revenge and need. Her thighs were still wet with the leavings of the rapist who had had her moments before when Garth plunged himself inside that body lying so still beneath him. Jemma regained her senses just when he was shuttering with the last tremors of passion. Instantly she remembered everything that had happened and yet she could not make herself believe this last act. She could accept the vicious rape of thugs and murderers; such things happened everyday to those as careless as she had been. But her brain refused to accept that now Garth lay above her in the back of a speeding cab, taking her while she was helpless to either agree or refuse. That he of all men alive should use her so was a horror beyond her ability to comprehend.

Jemma's invalid daughter Ellen came down with a fever and died two months before her third birthday. She wasn't buried in the same cemetery as her father. Jemma was talking to Milly about selling the brothel and moving back to America. She read in the paper that Garth's wife died from an illness, leaving him with their four year old twins, a boy and girl. Even though he'd raped her, all she could think about when she read that was how happy she was that he was free. At this point, she'd been in England almost six years and was 23 years old. The civil war was now over, but they still wanted her to be a spy for them. She agreed.

They sent her to France to meet with another spy. Garth was in France too on spy business. They saw each other in the same hotel. Garth wanted to talk to her so they went to her room. They worked out their big misunderstanding, which was that Garth didn't abandon her years ago. While he was sleeping, she, like he'd done years before, left him a note on his pillow telling him she didn't love him. She did that because she didn't want to have to tell him she was a spy and had been the madam of a whorehouse. He heard her leave and followed her, without her knowing. She went to see the spy she'd been sent there to see. He thought she looked like Eugenie and recognized a locket she was wearing. That locket had been in her mothers trunk when she died. Inside, it had a photo of Eugenie in it. Turns out the man was Martin Murdock, Jemma's father. Jemma left and Garth, who'd been spying, pulled a gun on Martin and forced him inside the room. He made Martin tell him who he was, so he did.

Jemma sold the brothel and she and Milly went to live elsewhere. Garth asked Jemma's friend Edward, the teenage boy who does errands for her, where she was. He wouldn't tell her but then finally did. He went to where Jemma was staying. They all, Jemma, Milly, Garth, his twins and a few other people, sailed to America. It was early 1865.

The End!


STUDIO: Red Light District
LENGTH: 3 hr.

This DVD was comprised of six sex scenes and some bonus material. Each of the six scenes was about thirty minutes. No condoms were used and all scenes included anal sex, except the last scene.

SCENE 1: Gianna and Angela. Gianna is an attractive brunette with huge natural breasts. Angela is an unattractive, small breasted bleach blonde who's a 'squirter' and boy, can she spray. Gush is more like it and what a mess it was. I didn't like this scene at all, in any way, shape or form. It was degrading and made me very uncomfortable to watch. It was too violent and the two men, one of which was the fucking ugly and old camerman/director, Jake Malone, were just gross.

Too much spitting and hair pulling and not enough sex. Lots of use of an inflatible butt plug and ass-to-mouth sucking of the toy. I was honestly repulsed and upset watching this whole scene. I especially didn't like when the blonde guy had his foot pressed into the side of Angela's face while he was ramming into her from behind.

SCENE 2: Sasha. She's a cute brunette ( I think her eyes are blue) with small natural breasts who I think is twenty-one, according to what I thought they said in the bonus stuff. This was truly an awful scene and I hated it. She was obviously uncomfortable during most of it and you could tell by her expression that the anal hurt her. I'm upset just thinking about it. Hopefully she came to her senses and got the hell out of the sex business. If not, she's 100% stupid.

SCENE 3: Cassie. She's a blond with small natural breasts and a clit piercing. This was the first 'normal' scene of the DVD, despite the blue ball gag in her mouth!, and the first one with a different guy not seen in the previous two, thank goodness. He's young, uncircumcised, with dark hair, darker skin and a foreign accent. The scene begins with her playing with a beaded anal toy, the same one used in the previous scenes. I hope she washed it first. They have sex, including anal, in all the usual positions.

SCENE 4: Courtney and Jasmine. Courtney is a cute blonde with tiny breasts. Jasmine is a cute blue-eyed girl, possibly part Hispanic, with horrible large breast implants, complete with big scars underneath each one that I couldn't help but stare at. They not only have sex with each other but also with the dark haired guy from the previous scene.

SCENE 5: Tiffany. She's a cute blonde with small natural breasts and a clit piercing. She has sex with the dark haired man in all the usual positions. The scene begins with her knealing in a chair using a butt plug on herself. The guy comes up behind her and moves the plug in and out of her with his mouth, then removes it. She turns around, sits down and he fingers her like there's no tomorrow. She then blows him then stands up while he backs her into a foot stool. She sits on it while he eats her out. Then there's tons of sex.

SCENE 6: Jenna. She's the girl on the cover. She's really eighteen and graduated from high school the year this was filmed, she says in the bonus material. She's outside smoking a nasty-ass cigarette when two guys, one of which is the foreign dark haired man from the three previous scenes, come over to her. They go inside and all the sex takes place in the living room. This is the only scene with no anal sex. Guess she's saving that for marriage.


Behind the Scenes: Not much to talk about here. This is fourteen mintues long. Jenna masturbates in a chair while the creepy cameraman and director, Jake Malone, talks to her. Sasha pees on the toilet while Jake films it.

Bonus Scene: This is nine minutes long, which was about nine minutes too long. Two foreign blondes, one is cute and in her twenties and the other is in her thirties and is very unattractive. They showed them briefly when the dvd ended after scene six, while the credits were rolling. The older one was telling the other girl how to properly give a blow job and they were speaking in a foreign language. Anyway, I don't like this scene because Jake, the director, is filming the younger girl while she's blowing him and instead of speaking directly to her when he wants to ask or tell her something, he'll tell the other woman to tell her what he has to say. I can't figure out why he's doing it but I don't like it or him telling her she needs 'pratice'.

MY THOUGHTS: I like the last four scenes but hate the first two with a passion, including the two animals in them. Just thinking of the blonde haired man stepping on the girl's face makes my blood boil. What the hell has happened to porn over the years? Don't they produce any that's just sex, sex without slapping, spitting and hair pulling?

I would never, ever watch another dvd from this series and this isn't a keeper for me. I'm pretty sure it's going to give me nightmares tonight and I can't get rid of it fast enough.

Lexie's Vivid Dreams G Spot Vibrator

This cute toy came to me from It's called Lexie's Vivid Dreams. It's from their line of G Spot Vibrators. It's made by a company called Doc Johnson. It requires two AA batteries, that are not included.

Material: This is made from phthalate-free elastomer. It's firm yet a bit squishy when you push hard on it. It has a very strong chemical smell that burned my nose. The smell also stays on your hands until you wash them and the chemical smell stays in the air for a while after the toy has been put away. Use water-based lube only.

Maintainence: The material is slightly porous so wash it with the hottest tap water and I recommend you use a fragrance-free soap when cleaning any toy.

Measurements: The toy has an insertable length of 6". The narrowest part is the curved tip, with a diameter of just over 1". The underside of the toy has a swirl that sticks out which makes that area pretty thick, with a diameter of about 1 1/2". The shaft slims down a bit to a diameter of just under 1 1/2", then thickens to a diameter of 1.6". With batteries inserted, it weighs about 7.9 oz.

On each side of the toy, there are two sets of three little bumps that vary in size from about 5mm to 7mm for added stimulation. The vibrator is controlled by a turn dial located on the side that you can control with your thumb while it's inserted.

My Thoughts: I can honestly tell you that this is the most attractive toy I've ever owned. It's very pretty and I like the packaging. I was able to achieve a G spot orgasm with it, so it served its purpose. It's pretty thick so lube will probably be required. Make sure you use one that's glycerin free.

Vibrators can also be used on your clitoris and I recommend you use it on a low speed for that. The actual vibrator is located inside near the tip of the toy, where it's needed most, and the tip vibrates very well.

I received this from in exchange for an honest review. You can check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

MADCAP MASQUERADE by Persephone Roth

PUB. INFO: Dreamspinner Press, 10/09
SETTING: England, 1800′s (?)
GENRE: M/M Historical Romance
HERO: Loel Woodbine
HERO: Valentine Randwick

From Publisher: The Randwick family is as noble as any but lives in greatly reduced circumstances. When Loel Woodbine, Duke of Marche and heir to three fortunes, makes an offer for Miss Valeria Randwick’s hand, it seems like a godsend, but the young lady has already promised her heart to another—and a commoner, at that.

Desperate to avoid the marriage, Valeria concocts a wild scheme that depends upon the good graces of her monastery-raised brother, Valentine. When the prospective groom sees through the ruse, he surprises Valentine by agreeing to cooperate. But can Marche and Valentine fool London society while dealing with an accusation of murder and the distracting fascination between them?

MY THOUGHTS: I must admit that the premise of this book sounded good. Unfortunately, the story wasn’t to my liking. The masquerade itself was totally unbelievable and I don’t think it would have worked in real life.

Both lead characters were very likeable. Loel was attracted to Valentine instantly and didn’t hesitate to let him know. There were three or so very graphic sex scenes, which I enjoyed. They professed their love for one another way too soon.

I feel like the mystery as to who murdered a certain someone took over most of the story and that disappointed me. I wanted to read a romance, not mystery.

Both heroes ages weren’t given nor was the year this story took place. That info should always be given. Oddly and throughout the entire story, a word from a sentence would be missing for no reason. I’ve never encountered that before.

Overall, I was unsatisfied and I’m not sure if I’d try this author again.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


I wanted to tell you about some goodies I've gotten from, sister site to They have close to one thousand adult dvds for purchase.

One I really like is called Young Harlots: The Governess. It's produced by an American company called Evil Angel and is part of Eden's 'straight' porn line, though there is a lesbian scene. The film appears to be filmed in England and is about female students doing what they shouldn't! Of the seven sex scenes, the first scene is, by far, my favorite. It features a female student that gets 'ravished', to put it nicely, by two older men in the bathroom while another female student watches while she's bound. It's a long scene and features oral, anal, double penetration and vaginal penetration. Love it. The other six scenes aren't to be missed either. This is almost 2 1/2 hours long.

Another EdenDVD that I'd like to tell you about is called Just Over 18 Vol. 2. It's part of Eden's 'gonzo' porn section and is over 2 hours long with bonus material lasting almost one hour. The bonus scene is not to be missed, believe me!

There are five sex scenes, all being filmed with a handheld camera so that it can catch all the action up-close. The premise of all scenes is a young girl, of legal age, of course, being talked into having sex with one or more people. That part is a bit silly but the sex sure ain't! One scene features a threesome with two girls and a man, another has one girl with two men, one is girl on girl and the other two are one girl with one man.

Both DVD's are priced very well, considering what you're getting, especially the Just Over 18 one. Trust me, you won't be disappointed with anything you purchase from Eden!

This was a sponsored post.

ANOTHER EDEN by Patricia Gaffney

PUBLISHER: Leisure, 10/1992
REISSUED: Leisure, 2000
GENRE: Historical Romance
SETTING: New York, late 1800′s

FROM PUBLISHER: Beautiful, sensitive and aristocratic, Sara was tired of lying to protect brutal, grasping Ben Cochrane, tired of pretending that her life of luxury was anything but a gilded cage. And from the moment her eyes first met Alex McKie’s, she knew that he saw through the tissue of lies to the desperate, yearning woman beneath. Their love was forbidden, but how could it be wrong? Only in Alex’s arms could Sara taste ecstasy, and only his tender kisses could gain her entry to… Another Eden…

MY THOUGHTS: Sadly, this story was a predictable letdown. The English heroine, who I assume is in her late 20′s, is pretty passive and spineless, not at all the type of lead character I like to read about. She’s in a dysfunctional, abusive marriage and has no plans to leave it. Though it is the late 1800′s, people did get divorced and I can see no reason for Sara to have stayed married to Ben. He was wealthy and somewhere along the way she could have saved up enough money to leave with their seven year old son, Michael.

I have no complaints about the architect hero, Alex. He’s around 30. They meet because her husband, Ben, hires him to build them a vacation home/mansion in Rhode Island. Alex had an abusive childhood but has made something of himself and has become successful. I didn’t like Sara’s son Michael’s attachment to Alex and thought it very odd that Sara would allow him to correspond with Alex via letter. I don’t think that would have happened in real life.

Tasha was a scheming character and I don’t really see why she was put in the story.

The predictable part of the story: for married Sara and Alex to have their happily-ever-after, something bad (or good?) would have to happen to Ben. So, surprise, surprise, something did happen, which we all knew would.

Overall, I was really unhappy with this story. You can find the author’s complete book list here.