Back Cover: link
Studio: VCA
Released: 2000
Length: 2 1/2 hrs.
Rating: XXX
My Grade: A

From DVD: If you think Perfect Smiles have anything to do with above the waist, then you just don't know Jim Holliday. He approaches beauty contests the same way he does everything else - with a focus on the fun and fluff, a taste of raunch, then satirize and ridicule the hell out of the rest of the deal...

There's no Miss Congeniality in the Miss (w)Hole Package Contest! There IS a Miss Thimbles, a Miss Perfect Slit and a Miss Perfect Pucker winners! Devin Wolf bangs Jill and Shayla backdoor in separate scenes, while Evan Stone does likewise to Sydnee Steele and Barett Moore. That's just four of the eight rearenders in this twelve-scene sextravaganza! It's perfect puckers and perfect vertical smiles galore...Join eighteen babes in twelve scorching scenes (eight of which are anal!)

This is a goofy porn about a beauty pageant, complete with silly dialogue. There were ten sex scenes, detailed below. Condoms were used every time.

Scene 1: The man who host's the pageant has sex with one of the contestants. She gives him a bj, then anal sex on the bed until he comes on her chest.

Scene 2: This is a lesbian scene with Jill Kelly and Tiffany Mynx, two more pageant contestants. They're outdoors on what looks like a comforter. There's oral, fingering, rimming and anal with two different dildos, a different one for each woman. This is filmed in California and the outdoor scenery is beautiful.

Scene 3: Another pageant contestant and her boyfriend have sex on the stage while no one is around. She blows him briefly then sex on floor in missionary position, reverse cowgirl, then anal until he comes on her chest. This was one of only five girls who has natural breasts.

Scene 4: Tabitha Stevens gives one of the pageant judges a blow job on his bed when he goes over to her place. He eats her out and rims her, then doggie style, missionary position, she's now on top, then reverse cowgirl until he comes on her chest.

Scene 5: Jill Kelly goes over to the home of some guy who's affiliated with the pageant. She gives him a blow job and he eats her out. He licks all of her toes, then anal in reverse cowgirl position and doggie style. No vaginal sex.

Scene 6: Same guy from the previous scene. He's working in a shoe store and yet another pageant girl comes in looking to buy shoes. The sick bastard licks on one of her feet then eats her out while fingering her the whole time with one, then two fingers. She briefly sucks her own toes. Gag. She blows him while she's got a death grip on his scrotum. Sex with her on top while he's laying on the floor, reverse cowgirl, he rims her, then anal with her on her back. She's using a 'pocket rocket' vibrator on her clit part of the time.

Scene 7: A judge from a previous scene is on his bed talking on the phone when a contestant comes in . She gives him a bj, then sex in missionary position, then spoon position, reverse cowgirl and so on.

Scene 8: This is a five girl orgy with Felicia, Tabitha Stevens and others. It's on the stage or backstage at the beauty pageant.

Scene 9: All eighteen contestants are messing around with each other backstage at the pageant. The host, Evan Stone, is back there giving commentary. Some of the girl's are on their hands and knees and Evan gets behind them on his knees and with his mouth samples they're offering.

Scene 10: Pageant host has sex with a contestant on his bed. He eats her out and rims her while she straddles his face. She blows him then sex with her on top, then reverse cowgirl, anal until he comes on her chest.

DVD Extras

There's a short, maybe five minute, interview with Jill Kelly. She talks about how she won't sign a contract because she's able to make more money without one since she's free to work for whomever she chooses.

A deleted scene with an Asian girl from the pageant and the guy with the foot fetish. The sex is out on his deck then inside his house. That scene is about 12 1/2 minutes.

Behind the scenes of the film. It's about 18 minutes long. They show some of the girl's rehearsing and show a bunch, maybe six, sex scenes that were filmed but not used in the final cut, including one with Ron Jeremy.

MY THOUGHTS: This was okay despite the silliness of it. I'm not sure why so many sex scenes were cut but I wish they'd been in the film. If they'd cut out some of the dialogue and nonsex stuff, they'd have had room for them. They looked pretty good and involved girl's who had no sex scenes in the final cut. All the women had bald labia and unfortunately about twelve of the eighteen had breast implants which are disgusting, in my opinion. All but four or five were bleach blondes.

I think my two favorite scenes are scenes four and ten. Same review posted here.

This came from my personal collection.

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