RELEASED: 10/26/2007
STUDIO: Pink Visual
GENRE: Gonzo
LENGTH: 2 hr.

SCENE 1: Keiko. She's white, fair skinned with dark redish brown hair and blue eyes, small breasts and bald labia. She's supposedly 18 (and looks it) and is sitting outside a resturant eating ice cream when she's approached by two much older men, late 40s, one might even be 50. They talk her into going to one of their homes. They offer her money in exchange for showing certain body parts until finally she agrees to have sex with them for even more money.

All the sex takes place on the sofa. There's anal, oral, girl on top, reverse cowgirl, doggie style and facials.

SCENE 2: Leah. She's supposedly 19 and a freshmen in college. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, small breast, and bald labia. She's approached by a guy in a parking lot who asks if she'll participate in a documentary about college life. He talks her into coming back to his place for the interview. He's in his mid-late 20s.

All the sex takes place on a bed with the usual positions: female oral, bj, girl on top, reverse cowgirl, oral, doggie-style, spoon, facial. The cameraman had a heavy foreign accent and I had trouble understanding what he was saying. I found him to be annoying.

SCENE3: Jacqueline. She's fair skinned, homely as hell, medium redish brown hair, small breasts, and bald labia. She's walking through a parking lot with a man, 40ish, when they see his wife or girlfriend, who is Jacqueline's fathers employee. She's 40ish too, nice body and large natural breasts. They talk her into going to their place for sex.

The older woman eats her out, then Jac has sex with the man in missionary position then doggie style while eating the older woman out. The older woman has sex with the man while Jac is rubbing her clit, then she strattles the woman's face. They both blow him until he comes in Jac's mouth. With his come in her mouth she kisses the woman.

SCENE 4: Arianna and Jordan. This is a lesbian scene with two girls who look to be 23 or 24. One is white with blue eyes, long dark hair, bald labia, perfect B cup breasts and the other girl is foreign, maybe from Brazil, and darker in coloring with small breasts, brown eyes, dark red hair with ridiculous blonde streaks in it and a rose tattoo on her left breast.

All sex happens on the sofa. There's oral between both the the foreign girl uses a dark redish pink dildo (looks to be made of jelly) on her. The other girl, Arianna, I think, rubs her clit most of the time. Then they switch; She uses a black dildo on the other girl while licking her clit most of the time. The girl says she had an orgasm and I belive her because after it, she put her hand on the girl's arm to make her stop using the dildo on her. Her actions looked real. Next, the foreign girl is sitting on the sofa wearing a strap-on dildo, the black one she's used before. Arianna straddles it in reverse cowgirl position, then doggie style, then missionary position.

SCENE 5: Kinsy Jo. She's the girl on the DVD cover. She's got bleach blonde hair, brown eyes, small breasts, and trimmed pubes, and mostly bald labia. She's sitting outside and is approaced by a guy, late 20s or so, and he asks her to partipate in a documentary about college life. She agrees to do part two at his place. There a blow job, missionary on sofa, girl on top, doggie style. He then talks her into having anal for the first time, then facial.

DVD Extras

Bonus Scene: This is crazy. This is a 17 minute clip from a Pink Visual DVD called Wild College Parties Vol. 7: Cum Guzzling Grads. There's a party going on inside, not sure where, and out of nowhere, a girl, who says she's from Germany, starts stripping of her clothes in front of everyone and blows her boyfriend. She's cute with blonde hair pulled back into a high ponytail, small breasts, clit piercing, bald labia. They have sex in every position you can think of.

I really liked this scene but I have two complaints. 1) she looked drunk and 2) everyone standing around watching kept cheering and it was LOUD and annoying. I'm sure she had many regrets the next morning and hightailed it back to Germany.

Behind the Scenes: I didn't enjoy this at all. It's 8 minutes and seems to be a photo shoot for an unrelated porn. There are two men and two blondes with huge breast implants and tattoos, exactly what I hate to see in porn. The girls, solo and sometimes with the guys, are posing for photos, presumedly for the DVD box cover.

Strip Tease: One of the blondes from the Behind the Scenes stuff, Devon Lee, is doing a striptease. I skipped over that because I'm not into women and wasn't interested in seeing it. I'm not sure how long the scene was.

DVD Trailers: There was a 30 minute preview for 12 other Pink Visual gonzo titles. One I thought was interesting and funny is called Auto Bang Sluts. What happens is some guy talks a girl into getting into a van with him to have sex while the van is driving down the highway in broad daylight. Passersby can see everything that's going on and some of the girls seem to be embarrassed but laugh anyway.

MY THOUGHTS: Though I've got lots of it, I'm not a big fan of gonzo porn because I don't like when the cameraman talks or when they talk to him. I don't like the silly scriped scenarios at the beginning of each scene. What's the point? No one watches porn to hear them trying to act. Having said that, I think they all did a good job of making it look somewhat real. All of the sex was good. I don't have a favorite or least favorite scene.

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