RELEASE DATE: 7/16/2007
UPC: 746183830408
LENGTH:  2 hr. 21 min.
STUDIO: Harmony

FROM DVD: When young Alexis Love enters the Academy, she finds herself trapped in a silent institution of dark perversion, blossoming sexuality, unspeakable secrets and strange occupants. Will our heroine become their plaything? Bizarre hardcore and twisted psychodrama mark this great Gazzman feature.

SCENE 1: A bunch of schoolgirls are on the bus heading to school. The bus arrives and they go inside. The girl on the box cover is in the bathroom, bound by rope and wearing her bra and underwear. Two men in suits keep lowering her into the tub, which is filled a bit with water. While they're doing that, the governess comes in with one or two girls and watches. The men take the girl out of the water and sit her on the toilet, still bound. The governess leaves and the one girl, a petite brunette, walks over to the bound girl. She takes a huge glass dildo out of her jacket, has the girl lick it then she licks it herself and inserts it in her vagina. She takes it out, has the other girl lick it then licks it herself and does it again several times.

The younger of the two men comes up behind the girl and leads her over to the other man. The younger man takes her shirt off and rips her bra off. The older man (52ish) kneels down, rips her underwear off and eats her out for about ten seconds. She kneels down and briefly blows both. They both have huge uncircumcised dicks. The older man is sitting down in a chair behind her while she blows the other guy. He comes up behind her and pulls her backward onto his lap and penetrates her ass in reverse cowgirl position. Her feet are up on his thighs. She rubs her clit for awhile then he does it for her then fingers her with two fingers. The younger guy, who's been jerking off the whole time, goes over to her and penetrates her vagina for a few minutes. He withdraws and jerks off while standing beside them. The older man withdraws from her ass and puts it directly into her vagina, then back into her ass. Then more double penetration with the other guy. She gets on her knees and blows both of them.

She then gets on top of the other guy, facing him. The older guy comes over and penetrates her ass. A short time later, she's standing up with her right foot up on something being penetrated vaginally from behind by the younger guy, who's maybe in his late 30s and may have an Italian accent. The older man sounds American. He's standing in front of her, getting blown. He gets behind her and alternates between penetrating her anally and vaginally while she blows the younger guy.

She's kneeling on a stool, leaning forward on the edge of the tub, blowing the older man, who's standing in the tub in front of her, while she's being penetrated both anally and vaginally by the younger guy. He pulls out and comes on her ass. About thirty seconds later, he comes once again on her ass. He's now standing in the tub next to the older man and she's blowing both. The scene ends there. The bound girl is sitting on the toilet, watching, the whole time.

SCENE 2: A different girl is laying in bed, reading a book called 'The Governess'. She goes into the kitchen and finds a man sitting there, snoring. She rubs his dick and he wakes up. He starts licking her nipples but she hears someone coming and leaves. The governess goes over to him and gives him a blow job and he comes on her chest. She's a brunette and has large natural breasts, D cup and is in her mid-30s. He sleeps throughout it. The girl who was there and left is spying on them.

SCENE 3: The same student from the previous scene is back in bed, reading the same book. I guess she's fantasizing, not sure, because she's then in a room, dressed in her school clothes.There are three naked guys; one's wearing a pig mask, one's wearing a wolf mask and the other is wearing some weird deer hat that ties under the chin. They start to kiss her when the governess walks in. They stop and a different girl comes in the room. She gives them all blow jobs and the original girl is no where to be found. The guys take their masks off. One guy sits on the floor and the girl backs up and sits on his dick so they're in reverse cowgirl position. The other two guys are standing right in front of her, jerking off. She gets right off of him and gets right on top of another guy, who's sitting on the floor, facing him. One guy is standing beside the guy she's on and he's got his finger in her ass. The third guy comes over and penetrates her ass.

She gets on top of a guy who's laying on a bed. He's penetrating her anally. Her back is to him and she's laying back a bit. Another guy comes over and penetrates her vaginally. The third guy is getting blown by her. She's then on top of another guy, facing him when another guy penetrates her ass. The third guy is on the bed sitting beside him, getting blown by her. She's now on the floor in reverse cowgirl position on top of a guy, being penetrated anally. Another guy penetrates her vaginally. On to another position; she's on the floor being penetrated vaginally while a second guy is jerking off near her face. The one guy pulls out and comes on her chest. He puts it back in for about thrity seconds then comes again on her chest. He's the same guy from scene 1. The other guy comes in her face

SCENE 4: A different girl is in a room with a fire going in the fireplace. She's laying on a table on her side. The older man goes over to her. They kiss and he eats her out ,briefly, then fingers her ass. He opens up her vagina and ass and pours water into it. He penetrates her ass then puts it right in her vagina. She's laying on her left side on the table. She blows him in the 69 position. She gets up and puts him in her ass, reverse cowgirl style. Then anal sex, doggie style. Blow job and reverse cowgirl, vaginally, then more anal with them laying on their sides on the table. She was back on top of him, facing him, and I got uncomfortable when he started smacking her implants breasts hard.

She's from England the only girl in this dvd with a pretty face. Her hair was mostly dark brown except for this weird part in the front, which was blonde, and some of her hair extentions were blonde. Info about her is here.

SCENE 5: Two girls are on the bed. The girl on the box cover and the girl from scene 3. They use three different dildos in their vaginas and asses. The one girl from the previous scene keeps spitting water into the other girl's open vagina. This whole scene is stupid and annoying and not worth getting into.

SCENE 6: This is the weirdest scene of all. The girl who's been on the bed reading goes into a room with the governess. A man is in a wheelchair, bandaged from head to toe, except for his dick, of course. The governess removes the students underwear and licks her a bit. Both women blow him at the same time then the younger girl straddles him, facing away from him, for quite awhile, then she faces him for the rest of the time.

SCENE 7: The same younger girl from the previous scene is standing in a room, naked, by herself. The blonde English guy from scene 3 goes right up to her and fingers her with two fingers. He lays on the floor, her on top, facing away from him, being penetrated vaginally. Then she gets on top, facing him, for more vaginal sex. She blows him briefly, then he stands up, she straddles his waist and they have sex that way. He then pulls out and turns her upside down and tells her to blow him. She does and he eats her out until he comes in her mouth. She's still upside down and lets it all run out of her mouth.

MY THOUGHTS: This was made by an English company and I think it was filmed in England. Every girl was brunette except for one, a student, and most were small chested, except for two, one of the schoolgirls and the governess. The governess was born in France. Info about here is here. The men were all uncircumcised.

I liked the setting for this and liked that it took place in an old school. I was really into this until stupid stuff started to happen, like spitting water into vaginas and rectums. I was beyond annoyed by the girl from scene three. She's American. She sounded like she was hyperventilating the whole time and I knew it was fake. She was so hard to watch. I know she must have gotten on everyone's nerves. Then the lesbian scene came and she was making those exact same sounds most of the time, even when she wasn't being touched at all and I just couldn't wait for the dvd to end because of her.

There was more anal sex than vaginal in this, I'd have preferred more vaginal, and of course, next to no female oral and no female orgasms. Lots of spit for lube, which I can't stand at all. The film quality was good and though I was disappointed with some of the stuff that went on, I feel this was money well spent and plan to get more in the series.

This came from my personal collection.

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