This is a pretty crappy, low-budget Japanese porn, dubbed in English. There are three different scenes and two or three different men and just one woman. It's about an hour long.

SCENE 1: The man and woman are dressed like equestrians, who knows why. They're on some cheap white sound stage, if that's what it's called, sitting on a white bench. He takes her pants off and eats her out for a minute. She sits up and blows him for a few minutes and appears to be good at it. He then penetrates her briefly while she's laying on the bench. He's got a really thick penis. She lays on the floor and they have sex with her on her back. She obviously needs lube because he keeps taking his penis out and wiping saliva on it and on her opening. It's pretty clear she's not enjoying herself at all and appears to be in pain, judging by the expression on her face. Finally, he comes on her leg and rubs it in.

SCENE 2: Same girl but not sure if it's the same guy. She's supposed to be in school and is trying to pass some exam. She's sitting in a chair and he comes over to her and rubs her breast through her bra and rubs her clit through her underwear. I hate when they do that, like it's too much trouble to remove the damn underwear. Her left breast is out of the bra and he's playing with the nipple while she's rubbing her clit underneath her underwear. He asks her if she's wet. She says yes, shows him her fingers and he licks them, telling her how good it tastes.

SCENE 3: She's dressed like a cheerleader and sitting on a white mat. He's sitting at a school desk in front of her. He comes over to her and starts rubbing her clit, again through the underwear. He takes his clothes off and eats her out but good. She deserves it because she's about to take quite a pounding. He kneels beside her and she blows him while he's fingering her. He gets on his back, she gets on top and rides him. Doggie-style is next then she's on her back.

MY THOUGHTS: This was pretty crappy and low budget and made no sense. The craziest thing is that her voice was dubbed by a woman with an American accent! They couldn't find a woman with a real foreign accent to do it? The film quality was poor, like I was watching some acient VHS tape.

The only good part was the last scene because we got to see some penetration when she was on top.

Same review posted here.

This came from my own private stash but I won't be keeping it.


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