STUDIO: All Worlds Video
RELEASED: 11/2010
RUN TIME: 2 hours 20 min.
UPC: 631979112939

From DVD: Locker room orgies, anyone? Grand Slam IV features muscular, eager-to-please (and be pleased) gay men, enjoying hot sex in all sorts of ways. One scene includes a coach and player (featuring consensual submission and domination based on age difference), another scene between two young men features kissing and intimacy, and another brings us some "straight-acting" cops who enjoy a little good old-fashioned mutual masturbation. Condoms used throughout.

This porn has a very thin plot and I'm confused by it. That's ok because I didn't watch this for the plotline. At the beginning a man was attacked with a bat and I think he died, can't remember. There's some mention throughout of two babies being raised separately. Someone dressed like the Grimm Reaper is creeping around throughout and makes an appearance at the very end. WTF?!

There were five sex scenes, which I'll describe below.

SCENE 1: Two detectives are in their office sitting across from each other discussing the case and who could have attacked the man. They jerk off without saying a word to one another.

SCENE 2: Two guys from a baseball team have sex with each other in the locker room. The blonde guy blows the other. He then lays on the bench while the brunette squats over his face and gets a rim job. The blonde stands up and leans on the bench while the other guy penetrates him from behind. The brunette sits on the bench and the blonde stands on the bench in front of him and lowers himself down on the guys penis. Love that position! After awhile, the brunette stands up while holding on to the blonde. He lays the guy down on the bench on his back and penetrates him while standing up. The blonde is jerking himself off until he comes on his stomach. A minute later, the other guy comes on the blonde's stomach too. There's some poorly acted dialogue and some kissing afterward.

SCENE 3: Their baseball coach, 42ish, and younger player, early 20s, are in the coach's office. The coach gets a blow job and rim job. The younger guy gets a rim job while leaning against the wall and gets three fingers in his butt. He leans forward against the table and gets penetrated from behind very aggressively. He lays on this back on the floor. The coach is standing up in front of him, between his legs, holding his legs open. The coach is squatting down enough to penetrate him. The younger guy is jerking himself off the whole time and comes on his face.

SCENE 4: Three naked teammates, one of which is in the shower, are jerking off while watching two other guys, one of which is getting blown while sitting on a bench. The two that are watching jerk each other off then one blows the other. The guy in the shower is jerking off, then comes over to the the other two and gets blown by the one guy. The two guys from the bench come over and all are getting blown by one guy. They then break off into two couples, with one guy being left to watch. Two are on their backs getting rim jobs, and one gets fingered too, then they get penetrated. The one guy who's left out goes back and forth between the two guys who are on their backs and gets blown by them both.

SCENE 5: One guy from the team is sitting on his bed when another guy from the team comes into his room to see what the guy wanted. He tells him they're brothers then they kiss. They blow each other and one gets rimmed. The younger guy, the one who was invited over, is on his knees and elbows on the bed taking it from behind. He's uncircumcised. Later, he's on his back with the other guy kneeling between his legs, penetrating him. The one on his jerks himself off until he comes on his chest. The penetrator comes on the guys chest too.

MY THOUGHTS: The storyline was odd and poorly acted. The sex scenes made up for that. My favorite scene was the last one for several reasons. The guys were so into each other. It was like spying on a real couple. They were both very aggressive with everything they did. I like that they were on a bed, as that was the only scene that actually took place on a bed. I was getting tired of locker room scenes.

My second favorite scene was #2. I really like the blonde guy (Jason Pitt) and was disappointed he was only in that one scene. I like when he was on top of the guy when he was sitting on the bench and look forward to rewatching that scene.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.

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