BLUE VELVET by Anonymous

PUB. INFO: Grove Press, 1986
ISBN: 0394623185
REISSUED: Blue Moon Books, 1990 & 1999
ISBNs: 0929654528 & 156201031X
AUTHOR’S REAL NAME: James Jennings
SETTING: England, late 1800s
HEROINE: Clarissa Denbigh

From Book: Trapped in a Victorian Story of O, Clarissa was trained at her father’s knee and her husband’s hand to endure everything. But when still others come to take her charge, Clarissa turns her power to please into a weapon.

MY THOUGHTS: I must say this book is filth at its finest. It’s extremely sexually graphic. It’s about a sixteen year old girl and her sexual exploits, spanning a couple of years. This book runs the gamut as far as sex goes. There’s more anal (between m/f and f/f) and lesbian sex than anything. There’s sex between Clarissa and servants, other women, and also incest, which I won’t get into, and orgies.

This book is too graphic for me to review any better than I have. I’ll just say if you like graphic sex, you should enjoy all 186 pages of this. All versions of this book are out of print and very pricey!

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