PRIVATE INDEPENDANT # 2 - An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco Adult DVD review w/official trailer

STUDIO: Private
LENGTH: 2 1/2 hours

FROM DVD: If you've ever been curious about swinging/group sex/sex parties, satisfy your voyeuristic cravings with An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers' Party in San Francisco. Follows a couple as they spice up their relationship by joining the San Francisco swinger scene, enjoying orgies, anal play, voyeurism, and use of great sex toys like the Njoy Pfun Plug and Hitachi Magic Wand. Best of all, the cast consists of 127 real-life swingers, studded with 15 porn stars, so you're sure to get a great mix of bodies, sexualities, and personalities. Includes safer sex practices, as well as discussions and definitions of polyamory and swinging.

MY THOUGHTS: Let me start by saying that this dvd's synopsis was a bit misleading. It lead me to believe this was a dvd of a swingers party. The party was actually at the end of the dvd, during the last hour. This is a scripted porn with a few swingers mixed in until the last hour where the actors are participating at a real swingers party.

I can't break down the sex scenes like I prefer to do because there are so many. The film begins with the main couple having sex, then soon after, meeting another couple in a resturant. They become fast friends and go to someone else's house afterward. There the swinging begins.

1 1/2 hours into the film, the two couples go to a real swingers party that was filmed in February 2010. The plot still revolves around the main couple when they arrive but about twenty minutes into it, we finally get to see the swinger's doing what they do best. So the last forty minutes or so mostly focuses on the swingers.

There's one bonus scene that's worth the entire price of the dvd. It's 33 minutes long and has nothing to do with the film. It's foreign, as in English isn't their first language. I couldn't make out the accent.

Six couples walk into a gymnasium. There are two male judges dressed in suits. They sit at a small table while each couple gets on a mat. There are three mats and one long one. They're told to strip down. They're told that round one is for blow jobs. The judge then blows a whistle and the contest begins. The man who can last the longest wins. Round two is for 'spooning', round three is reverse cowgirl, four is doggie style and the last round is 'any position you'd like'. After each round, one of the judges blows the whistle so they'll stop, tells them the next position and blows the whistle again so they'll begin. Two other judges are walking around watching it all. Another cameraman is walking around filming the closeups. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen and I want to seee more of it!

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I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.

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