THE REBEL BRIDE by Catherine Coulter

PUBLISHER Signet, 12/1979
REISSUED: Topaz, 1994/2006 Signet with expanded content
SETTING: England, 1800s
HEROINE: Katherine Brandon
HERO: Julian St. Clair
RAPE? Yes, by husband

FROM PUBLISHER: Clearly young Lady Katharine Brandon was a beauty, with her rich auburn hair, striking green eyes, flawless face and form. But a beauty was one thing Katharine clearly had no interest in being.

She dressed in a young man's breeches, practiced dueling with pistol and rapier, gambled with cards, defied her father's commands and evaded all suitors.

Imagine Katharine's surprise when the fabulously wealthy, notoriously pleasure-loving , Julien St. Clair, Earl of March, demanded her as his wife. Imagine her dismay when her father asked and received his pricefor yielding her to this man. But no one in all of English society could ever imagine what could happen when a lord who would not be denied and a woman who refused to be mastered turned marriage into a game in which it took far more than love to conquer all ....

SPOILER SUMMARY: Julian is taken with Katherine, whom he calls Kate, from the first time he meets her, having a mock duel with her brother, Harry. She's his neighbor. They develope a friendship with each other. Her home is rundown and she dresses in outdated clothing and Julian decides to offer her marriage. He talks with her father first and despises the man instantly. He visits Katherine at home and proposes to her in front of her father. She turns him down. She's lived with a physically abusive father her whole life and doesn't want much to do with a man. Right after Julian leaves, her father beats her severely and she can't walk. Julian gets wind of it and threatens to kill her father if he ever lays a hand on Katherine again.

Katherine does marry Julian but she's very unhappy about it and they have a marriage in name only. This is where the bodice ripper part come into play. Julian comes up with this terrible plan to abduct his own wife, to teach her about passion. Katherine is out riding in the park one day and Julian, on his horse and wearing a mask and using a fake German accent, snatches her off her horse and takes her to a cabin. He blindfolds her right away and rapes her. He then drugs her, takes her to their home and tells everyone that he found her passed on in the park where she's apparently fallen off her horse.

Katherine, not knowing that her own husband raped her, can't tell him what really happened to her. She ends up getting pregnant and comes up with a plan of her own. To fool Julian into thinking the baby is his, she decides to begin a sexual relationship with him so that she can later pretend that he's the father of the child.

Eventually Julian tells her what happened and their relationship sours even more. She has a miscarriage when she falls off her horse and things worsen. They work things out eventually and Julian helps her remember that she was raped in the woods by several men when she was little. They have their happily ever after.

MY THOUGHTS: This is one of the best books ever written and I'm proud to have a personally autographed copy. I first read this in 1995 when I purchased it at a grocery store. It had been reissued in 1994 as an expanded version. I've read both and can't tell the difference even though there's an almost 100 page difference. The abduction plot is exactly the same.

I'd only been reading romance for no more than 2 1/2 years when I read this and its left one hell of an impression on me. I have the original Signet Regency, that's a little under 300 pages. I got rid of my original 1994 paperback when I decided to replace it with a new hardcover. I think this is a pretty unique story, and a true gem, that outshines all the garbage that's being published today.

Todays readers, those who don't like the older stuff, wouldn't enjoy this at all. Even though what Julien did was horrible I can't dislike him for it.

Catherine's complete booklist can be found here.

PRIVATE INDEPENDANT # 2 - An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco Adult DVD review w/official trailer

STUDIO: Private
LENGTH: 2 1/2 hours

FROM DVD: If you've ever been curious about swinging/group sex/sex parties, satisfy your voyeuristic cravings with An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers' Party in San Francisco. Follows a couple as they spice up their relationship by joining the San Francisco swinger scene, enjoying orgies, anal play, voyeurism, and use of great sex toys like the Njoy Pfun Plug and Hitachi Magic Wand. Best of all, the cast consists of 127 real-life swingers, studded with 15 porn stars, so you're sure to get a great mix of bodies, sexualities, and personalities. Includes safer sex practices, as well as discussions and definitions of polyamory and swinging.

MY THOUGHTS: Let me start by saying that this dvd's synopsis was a bit misleading. It lead me to believe this was a dvd of a swingers party. The party was actually at the end of the dvd, during the last hour. This is a scripted porn with a few swingers mixed in until the last hour where the actors are participating at a real swingers party.

I can't break down the sex scenes like I prefer to do because there are so many. The film begins with the main couple having sex, then soon after, meeting another couple in a resturant. They become fast friends and go to someone else's house afterward. There the swinging begins.

1 1/2 hours into the film, the two couples go to a real swingers party that was filmed in February 2010. The plot still revolves around the main couple when they arrive but about twenty minutes into it, we finally get to see the swinger's doing what they do best. So the last forty minutes or so mostly focuses on the swingers.

There's one bonus scene that's worth the entire price of the dvd. It's 33 minutes long and has nothing to do with the film. It's foreign, as in English isn't their first language. I couldn't make out the accent.

Six couples walk into a gymnasium. There are two male judges dressed in suits. They sit at a small table while each couple gets on a mat. There are three mats and one long one. They're told to strip down. They're told that round one is for blow jobs. The judge then blows a whistle and the contest begins. The man who can last the longest wins. Round two is for 'spooning', round three is reverse cowgirl, four is doggie style and the last round is 'any position you'd like'. After each round, one of the judges blows the whistle so they'll stop, tells them the next position and blows the whistle again so they'll begin. Two other judges are walking around watching it all. Another cameraman is walking around filming the closeups. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen and I want to seee more of it!

Same review can be found here.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.

HIDING FROM REALITY by Taylor Armstrong

PUB. INFO: Gallery Books, February 2012
GENRE: Autobiography

From Publisher:


Reality hit Taylor Armstrong hard one tragic evening last August when she found the body of her estranged husband, Russell, hanging in his California home. Fans across the country were shocked at the horrific news of his death and even more shocked to discover that behind the glittering “reality” of Taylor’s life on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills lurked a painful story of emotional and physical abuse that she had been terrified to tell.

An estimated 80 percent of domestic abuse victims remain silent, suffocated by fear and relentless self-doubt. For Taylor, it was the threat of financial ruin and finding herself alone with her young daughter that kept her tethered to her volatile husband. But after a ferocious roundhouse punch from Russell fractured her face, resulting in reconstructive surgery, she finally made the brave decision to walk away from a man she loved and a legacy of physical abuse that she first encountered as a child and that haunted her throughout her adulthood.
To the outside world, the Armstrongs lived like royalty, throwing lavish parties—including a memorable tea party for their daughter’s fourth birthday—and mingling with their privileged Housewives co-stars. It was impossible to hide the cracks in their marriage from the cameras forever, though, and their darkest secrets slowly began to seep through the gilded façade.

With searing honesty, Taylor candidly examines her difficult journey from the abusive home in which she was born to the low self-esteem that kept her constantly on the run from herself, to the tumultuous marriage that ended in suicide, and ultimately to her realization that only by sharing her moving story could she help other women.

MY THOUGHTS: I know of Taylor from the reality show she’s on, The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills. I wanted to know more about her abusive deceased husband so that’s why I was interested in reading this. This is Taylor’s sad, emotional telling off all the abuse, both physical and verbal, that she suffered at the hands of her mentally ill husband, who later committed suicide.

Russell was a poor, pathetic excuse for a human being and it’s too bad Taylor couldn’t leave him years sooner. Only after he caused her to need surgery on her eye did she finally see the light and leave him and he hanged himself not long after. Taylor is a smart, educated woman and hopefully she’ll stay in therapy indefinitely.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

SIMPLY CARNAL by Kate Pearce

PUBLISHING INFO: Aphrodisia, January 2012
GENRE: Historical Erotic Romance
SETTING: England, 1826
SERIES: House of Pleasure, book 7

From Publisher: No passion is too decadent and no desire is too exotic at Madame Helene’s Pleasure House – an exclusive brothel in Regency England that offers the ultimate in erotic delights…

Powerful Seduction: Christian Delornay has observed so many illicit liaisons at his mother’s house of pleasure he regards sex as merely an enjoyable pastime, certainly not an act of love. So when a young widow arrives in search of work, Christian hires her as his assistant with the intention of instructing her in the ways of sensual seduction…

Passionate Surrender: Desperate to escape her past, Elizabeth “Smith” is happy to accept Christian’s offer of work. She is prepared to serve his every need, yet she refuses to reveal her most intimate desires. But in the hands of a master it is impossible to deny her own wanton yearnings, and she soon succumbs to her secret longing for pure carnal pleasure…

MY THOUGHTS: I was very disappointed in every aspect of this book. The plotline involving the mysterious Elizabeth was only mildly interesting. The hero, Christian, meets his half-brother, Richard, for the first time and I thought it was an unbelievable coincidence that Richard was involved in the mystery surrounding Elizabeth. There were about seven sex scenes and, oddly enough, I was only interested in the first one.

We were introduced to a new sex club called Demon Club and I would like to read more about that in future books.

Despite my disappointment, this book is a keeper because it’s part of a great series that I hope will never end. The next installment, book 8, is called Simply Voracious and is about one of the employees we’ve read so much about in previous books, Paul.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

BLUE VELVET by Anonymous

PUB. INFO: Grove Press, 1986
ISBN: 0394623185
REISSUED: Blue Moon Books, 1990 & 1999
ISBNs: 0929654528 & 156201031X
AUTHOR’S REAL NAME: James Jennings
SETTING: England, late 1800s
HEROINE: Clarissa Denbigh

From Book: Trapped in a Victorian Story of O, Clarissa was trained at her father’s knee and her husband’s hand to endure everything. But when still others come to take her charge, Clarissa turns her power to please into a weapon.

MY THOUGHTS: I must say this book is filth at its finest. It’s extremely sexually graphic. It’s about a sixteen year old girl and her sexual exploits, spanning a couple of years. This book runs the gamut as far as sex goes. There’s more anal (between m/f and f/f) and lesbian sex than anything. There’s sex between Clarissa and servants, other women, and also incest, which I won’t get into, and orgies.

This book is too graphic for me to review any better than I have. I’ll just say if you like graphic sex, you should enjoy all 186 pages of this. All versions of this book are out of print and very pricey!


This G spot dildo is called called Siren and is made by an American company called Good Vibes Wholesales. It comes in purple or black and I'm reviewing the purple one. It comes packaged really well in hard clear plastic.

MEASUREMENTS: The shaft is 6 1/2" long. The ridge on the head is 1.4" in diameter. The shaft right underneath is the narrowest part, being about 1 1/4" in diameter. The shaft gradually thickens to 1.7" in diameter right at the base. This has a good weight to it, 8.9 oz.

This has a large, flat base that is about 3 3/8" in diameter. I didn't use it this way but it sticks really good to a plastic toilet lid, so good that I had to pry it off with my fingers.

MATERIAL: This is made from my favorite material of all, silicone. It's sooth, seamless, odorless, flexible, hypoallergenic, and nonporous. It's easy to clean; just use hot soapy water or boil it. It's also dishwasher safe. Imagine putting this in the dishwasher right next to your drinking glasses! If sharing or using in the rectum, use a condom.

You can only use water-based lube with it. Never use silicone lube with silicone toys as it will help break down the toy over time. Silicone is top quality material and should be treated with care. Ladies, use only glycerin-free lube! Glycerin has been proven to help cause yeast infections.

You can't let silicone toys touch each other as that too will help break down the material. Make sure you wrap them in something before storing them with each other.

MY THOUGHTS: I love this and can't recommend it enough. It's designed to rub against your G spot. I wasn't too sure it it would work for that because it didn't look like it was curved enough. I was successful in having a G spot orgasm after about 5 minutes. You'll only need about the first 3" of the toy to achieve that. The coronal ridge of the head is to thank for it. When you move it in and out of yourself, you can feel the ridge rubbing against yourself, but not in a pleasureable way; that's just how we're built internally. After a short time you should feel the orgasm start. As I've said before, it's amazing to be able to have an orgasm without any clitorial stimulation.

I love a dildo with a flared base because it gives you something to hold onto. This is also compatible with a harness.

⊱╮ I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review


PUB. INFO: Aphrodisia May 2010
GENRE: Historical Erotic Romance
SETTING: England, 1800s
SERIES: House of Pleasure, book 5

From Publisher:

No fantasy is too wild for Madame Helene's Pleasure House -- a brothel in Regency England where forbidden desires are more than welcome...

The Most Scandalous Passions...

Lord Blaize Minshom is known throughout London for embracing every illicit longing -- the more scandalous, the better. When his estranged wife, Lady Jane, returns with an ultimatum to give her a baby, he flatly refuses -- even if it means she will turn to other men. Forced to watch Jane flirt shamelessly at the House of Pleasure, Minshom is enraged...and excited. The innocent girl he wed at seventeen has transformed into a voluptuous woman who still ignites a scorching hunger within him...

Are Always The Most Pleasurable...

After seven years apart from her husband, Jane is now ready to settle their differences and start a family. But when she is reunited with Minshom, his attitude infuriates her -- and she is determined to teach him a lesson. Yet even as Jane accepts the attentions of other men, it is Minshom she truly wants. For she alone knows how to satisfy all of his wicked needs...

MY THOUGHTS: Well, this novel was certainly up my alley. I really enjoy m/m erotica and wasn't let down at all by this. Lord Blaize Minshom is a very dark, hard, angry and scarred man due to his terrible teen years and horrible father. He's a bit hard to like but I understand his anger and need to dominate his sex partners. I didn't really like or dislike the heroine, Jane. To be honest, I wish she hadn't been in the story. I have a hard time believing she could love her husband and not care that he's out having sex with lots of other people. I didn't think Blaize's feelings for her were believable at all. He says that he doesn't prefer men but I don't believe it.

My favorite characters are Robert Brown and Captain David Gray. Now there's a couple I could read about all day. Robert is very submissive and I feel sorry for him. To me, he seems really beatten down and I'd really like to know more about him. I would so love for them to be the stars of a spin-off series.

One of the best threesome sex scenes I'd ever read about took place in this novel and I won't soon forget it. Two thumbs up to you Kate Pearce! I do look forward to reading more from you. I'll be getting this entire series because I must know about all the characters in this novel who were introduced in the previous novels. I really want to know about Blaize Minshome and Lord Anthony Sokorvsky.

I don't like this cover at all because it looks contemporary.

Other books in this series are:
  • Simply Sexual
  • Simply Sinful
  • Simply Shameless
  • Simply Wicked
  • Simply Insatiable
  • Simply Forbidden
  • Simply Carnal


PUB INFO.: Brava, 1/25/2011
GENRE: Historical Erotic Romance
SETTING: England, 1822
SERIES: House of Pleasure, Book 6

From Publisher:

Nothing’s More Satisfying Than. . .
With an unconventional upbringing and a reputation as a shameless flirt, Lisette Delornay-Ross is not your typical young lady of the ton. Unlike her peers, she is not afraid to follow her desires. And what she desires is Major Lord Gabriel Swanfield.

Fulfilling Forbidden Passions. . .
Returned to England after his harrowing ordeal as a war prisoner, Gabriel has shunned society. When Lisette brazenly confronts him, he feels an overwhelming stirring of lust. He’s sure she would never entertain the illicit desires he indulges at Madame Helene’s. But when he kisses her, he discovers her thirst for pleasure–and adventure–matches his. . .

MY THOUGHTS: This story takes place in England in 1822. The hero is thirty year old Gabriel Swanfield. He has dark hair and blue eyes and is bisexual. The heroine is twenty-one year old Lisette Delornay-Ross. She has light brown hair and hazel eyes. She’s got a twin brother named Christian.

I’m a big fan of this series, having read the two previous ones. I now consider Kate Pearce a favorite author. I enjoyed the sexual chemistry between hero and heroine and wasn’t let down by any of the intimate scenes. Gabriel is the kind of hero I like; slightly tortured. He has physical and emotional scars and was a war prisoner in Spain. He’s also the product of rape. He really has no family and is on bad terms with his two cousins.

The heroine is experienced sexually, which isn’t that common for historical romances. I like her personality but found her to be a bit childish at times. My favorite part of the whole novel is when she played a couple of sexual pranks on the hero. I thought that was genius of the author and original. It had me grinning from ear to ear. Lisette is a character I envy! You’ll have to read the book yourself to find out what I’m talking about. I doubt you’ll have any complaints.

I liked the secondary characters, especially the friends of Gabriel. The heroine’s brother Christian, I suspect he might get his own story and I wouldn’t mind if he did. At first I detected a bit of jealousy from him when it came to Lisette and Gabriel but I’m not sure if that’s true.

I enjoyed all the sex in the book, all nine or more scenes and was impressed by the explicitness of them. It’s just what I like and Kate knows how to deliver them. I did enjoy the first 2/3 of the story more than the last 1/3. It dragged a slight bit for me. Also, I didn’t find their love to be that believable. I was a bit uncomfortable with Lisette and her family being so open with one another with their sex lives. It made me cringe a little.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with this novel. I recommend it to any and all who like explicit romances. I rate it 4.5/5 stars.

Other books in this series are:

•Simply Sexual 2-2008
•Simply Sinful 11-2008
•Simply Shameless 4-2009
•Simply Wicked 9-2009
•Simply Insatiable 4-2010
•Simply Forbidden 1-2011

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 


CITY OF ASH by Megan Chance

PUBLISHER: Broadway, June 2011
GENRE: Historical Fiction
SETTING: Washington, America 1888
HEROINE: Geneva ‘Ginny’ Langley
NARRATION: First person

FROM PUBLISHER: When the great Seattle fire of 1889 leaves them with nothing to lose, two very different women discover a mutual passion for revenge.

Chicago socialite and art patron Geneva Langley has brought scandal to her family for the last time. Her latest and boldest act of immodesty is too much for her father to bear, and he banishes her to Seattle, along with her scheming, ambitious husband, Nathan. Seattle is a far cry from Chicago — the streets are muddy, the society backward, and Ginny feels stifled and alone.

Despite her considerable talent, Beatrice Wilkes is an actress whose dream of being a leading lady is fading rapidly. She can’t believe her luck when a new production gives her a chance at stardom, but Geneva Langley seizes the opportunity for her own and unwittingly crushes Bea’s last dream.

The two women engage in a fierce battle for center stage, but the great Seattle fire, which ravages the city, changes their fates and plans. In its aftermath, Ginny and Bea see an opportunity to change their lives: but it would mean banding together to enact a truly wicked plan. Their dark and perilous alliance will set them on the path to either redemption or damnation.

MY THOUGHTS: The heroine, 29, is in a dysfunctional marriage. She comes from wealth and her husband, Nathan, married her for it. He comes up with a plan to get his hands on even more of it. I think her father, not knowing of Nathan’s plan, helps him.

Geneva learns of the plan and devises a plan of her own. She asks Nathan’s mistress, Beatrice, to help her and help her she does. Plans change when she can’t get access to money. The new plan is silly and really farfetched, totally unbelievable and I was real disappointed in it. Despite that, I was interested in watching it all unfold.

My favorite character is the actress, Beatrice. She’s twenty-eight and has been an actress for thirteen years. Sadly, we didn’t learn anything of her background. She’s a jealous, self centered person and it was very surprising that she’d help Geneva out.

Geneva didn’t seem that interesting to me. I didn’t like that out of nowhere she wanted to become an actress. I also thought it strange that she didn’t seem too bothered by the fact her husband was cheating.

Overall, I was happy with this book but was disappointed by the plan and how it all played out during the last third of the story.

You can visit the author’s website. Her complete booklist can be found here.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


RELEASE DATE: 7/16/2007
UPC: 746183830408
LENGTH:  2 hr. 21 min.
STUDIO: Harmony

FROM DVD: When young Alexis Love enters the Academy, she finds herself trapped in a silent institution of dark perversion, blossoming sexuality, unspeakable secrets and strange occupants. Will our heroine become their plaything? Bizarre hardcore and twisted psychodrama mark this great Gazzman feature.

SCENE 1: A bunch of schoolgirls are on the bus heading to school. The bus arrives and they go inside. The girl on the box cover is in the bathroom, bound by rope and wearing her bra and underwear. Two men in suits keep lowering her into the tub, which is filled a bit with water. While they're doing that, the governess comes in with one or two girls and watches. The men take the girl out of the water and sit her on the toilet, still bound. The governess leaves and the one girl, a petite brunette, walks over to the bound girl. She takes a huge glass dildo out of her jacket, has the girl lick it then she licks it herself and inserts it in her vagina. She takes it out, has the other girl lick it then licks it herself and does it again several times.

The younger of the two men comes up behind the girl and leads her over to the other man. The younger man takes her shirt off and rips her bra off. The older man (52ish) kneels down, rips her underwear off and eats her out for about ten seconds. She kneels down and briefly blows both. They both have huge uncircumcised dicks. The older man is sitting down in a chair behind her while she blows the other guy. He comes up behind her and pulls her backward onto his lap and penetrates her ass in reverse cowgirl position. Her feet are up on his thighs. She rubs her clit for awhile then he does it for her then fingers her with two fingers. The younger guy, who's been jerking off the whole time, goes over to her and penetrates her vagina for a few minutes. He withdraws and jerks off while standing beside them. The older man withdraws from her ass and puts it directly into her vagina, then back into her ass. Then more double penetration with the other guy. She gets on her knees and blows both of them.

She then gets on top of the other guy, facing him. The older guy comes over and penetrates her ass. A short time later, she's standing up with her right foot up on something being penetrated vaginally from behind by the younger guy, who's maybe in his late 30s and may have an Italian accent. The older man sounds American. He's standing in front of her, getting blown. He gets behind her and alternates between penetrating her anally and vaginally while she blows the younger guy.

She's kneeling on a stool, leaning forward on the edge of the tub, blowing the older man, who's standing in the tub in front of her, while she's being penetrated both anally and vaginally by the younger guy. He pulls out and comes on her ass. About thirty seconds later, he comes once again on her ass. He's now standing in the tub next to the older man and she's blowing both. The scene ends there. The bound girl is sitting on the toilet, watching, the whole time.

SCENE 2: A different girl is laying in bed, reading a book called 'The Governess'. She goes into the kitchen and finds a man sitting there, snoring. She rubs his dick and he wakes up. He starts licking her nipples but she hears someone coming and leaves. The governess goes over to him and gives him a blow job and he comes on her chest. She's a brunette and has large natural breasts, D cup and is in her mid-30s. He sleeps throughout it. The girl who was there and left is spying on them.

SCENE 3: The same student from the previous scene is back in bed, reading the same book. I guess she's fantasizing, not sure, because she's then in a room, dressed in her school clothes.There are three naked guys; one's wearing a pig mask, one's wearing a wolf mask and the other is wearing some weird deer hat that ties under the chin. They start to kiss her when the governess walks in. They stop and a different girl comes in the room. She gives them all blow jobs and the original girl is no where to be found. The guys take their masks off. One guy sits on the floor and the girl backs up and sits on his dick so they're in reverse cowgirl position. The other two guys are standing right in front of her, jerking off. She gets right off of him and gets right on top of another guy, who's sitting on the floor, facing him. One guy is standing beside the guy she's on and he's got his finger in her ass. The third guy comes over and penetrates her ass.

She gets on top of a guy who's laying on a bed. He's penetrating her anally. Her back is to him and she's laying back a bit. Another guy comes over and penetrates her vaginally. The third guy is getting blown by her. She's then on top of another guy, facing him when another guy penetrates her ass. The third guy is on the bed sitting beside him, getting blown by her. She's now on the floor in reverse cowgirl position on top of a guy, being penetrated anally. Another guy penetrates her vaginally. On to another position; she's on the floor being penetrated vaginally while a second guy is jerking off near her face. The one guy pulls out and comes on her chest. He puts it back in for about thrity seconds then comes again on her chest. He's the same guy from scene 1. The other guy comes in her face

SCENE 4: A different girl is in a room with a fire going in the fireplace. She's laying on a table on her side. The older man goes over to her. They kiss and he eats her out ,briefly, then fingers her ass. He opens up her vagina and ass and pours water into it. He penetrates her ass then puts it right in her vagina. She's laying on her left side on the table. She blows him in the 69 position. She gets up and puts him in her ass, reverse cowgirl style. Then anal sex, doggie style. Blow job and reverse cowgirl, vaginally, then more anal with them laying on their sides on the table. She was back on top of him, facing him, and I got uncomfortable when he started smacking her implants breasts hard.

She's from England the only girl in this dvd with a pretty face. Her hair was mostly dark brown except for this weird part in the front, which was blonde, and some of her hair extentions were blonde. Info about her is here.

SCENE 5: Two girls are on the bed. The girl on the box cover and the girl from scene 3. They use three different dildos in their vaginas and asses. The one girl from the previous scene keeps spitting water into the other girl's open vagina. This whole scene is stupid and annoying and not worth getting into.

SCENE 6: This is the weirdest scene of all. The girl who's been on the bed reading goes into a room with the governess. A man is in a wheelchair, bandaged from head to toe, except for his dick, of course. The governess removes the students underwear and licks her a bit. Both women blow him at the same time then the younger girl straddles him, facing away from him, for quite awhile, then she faces him for the rest of the time.

SCENE 7: The same younger girl from the previous scene is standing in a room, naked, by herself. The blonde English guy from scene 3 goes right up to her and fingers her with two fingers. He lays on the floor, her on top, facing away from him, being penetrated vaginally. Then she gets on top, facing him, for more vaginal sex. She blows him briefly, then he stands up, she straddles his waist and they have sex that way. He then pulls out and turns her upside down and tells her to blow him. She does and he eats her out until he comes in her mouth. She's still upside down and lets it all run out of her mouth.

MY THOUGHTS: This was made by an English company and I think it was filmed in England. Every girl was brunette except for one, a student, and most were small chested, except for two, one of the schoolgirls and the governess. The governess was born in France. Info about here is here. The men were all uncircumcised.

I liked the setting for this and liked that it took place in an old school. I was really into this until stupid stuff started to happen, like spitting water into vaginas and rectums. I was beyond annoyed by the girl from scene three. She's American. She sounded like she was hyperventilating the whole time and I knew it was fake. She was so hard to watch. I know she must have gotten on everyone's nerves. Then the lesbian scene came and she was making those exact same sounds most of the time, even when she wasn't being touched at all and I just couldn't wait for the dvd to end because of her.

There was more anal sex than vaginal in this, I'd have preferred more vaginal, and of course, next to no female oral and no female orgasms. Lots of spit for lube, which I can't stand at all. The film quality was good and though I was disappointed with some of the stuff that went on, I feel this was money well spent and plan to get more in the series.

This came from my personal collection.

ORDEAL by Linda Lovelace

PUBLISHER: Citadel, 2005
GENRE: Nonfiction/Memoir
ORIGINAL PUB: 1980, ISBN 0517427915

FROM PUBLISHER: Linda Lovelace became a household name in 1972, when Deep Throat--a film made for only $25,000--became the first pornographic movie ever to cross over to mainstream audiences, to the tune of $600 million and counting. Despite being the face that launched the film's phenomenal success, behind the scenes Linda was suffering unspeakable torture and abuse at the hands of her husband, Chuck Traynor, and she never earned a dollar from the film's huge success. A harrowing tale of the pursuit of happiness and the will to survive amid years of horrific abuse, Ordeal reveals the dark reality behind Deep Throat, and its star's tragic, yet ultimately triumphant, life.

MY THOUGHTS: I can tell you that this is the darkest, most disturbing book, fiction or nonfiction, that I’ve ever read. It’s downright disgusting and sexually graphic from start to finish. Linda is brutally honest and graphic. There is no fluff to be found here. The tone of this memoir is very serious. No joking around here.

Linda Boreman was born in New York to an abusive mother and a disinterested father. When she was twenty-one she met her future husband, Chuck Traynor. That’s when her downward spiral began. He set her up to be raped in a hotel by five men. He told her they were going there on business. When they got there he took her into another room, showed her a gun and told her she was going to go out there and have sex with them. So she did. I believe that was the only time she was actually forced to do anything. She chose to stay with him and be beaten by him for a couple of years until she finally got away. Once she even ran away to her parents and told them of the abuse. They showed no interest whatsoever.

The most interesting part of the memoir is the updated forward. It tells us that Linda had both breasts removed because of problems caused by silicone injections she’d had when she was 21/22. Then we learn of her death after being taken off life support after she was in a car accident in 2002.

Before you start to feel sorry for her or have any sympathy for her at all, remember that this woman had sex with a dog on film…and attempted to twice more, according to her. I learned that Hugh Hefner had a like of beastiality films and had quite a collection of them at the Playboy mansion. He even discussed them with Linda’s husband, Chuck. Linda once had sex with Hugh and claims that Sammy Davis Jr. fell in love with her while having a sexual relationship with him. She also watched Sammy perform oral sex on Chuck.

The memoir concludes with her telling us she’s married, on welfare and has a three year old son.

I don’t have anything good to say about this woman. She’s homophobic (based on her ‘fag’ comment) and unable to accept responsibility for anything that she’s done. Everyone else is to blame for her actions.

This book is disgusting but it’s worth reading if you have any interest in the porn industry. You will not believe the perversions that men and women are into. I give this book 4 stars/B. I sort of wish I hadn’t read it.

Lots of information about her can be found at Wikipedia. There's a sequel to this, Out of Bondage, ISBN 0818403861.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


STUDIO: All Worlds Video
RELEASED: 11/2010
RUN TIME: 2 hours 20 min.
UPC: 631979112939

From DVD: Locker room orgies, anyone? Grand Slam IV features muscular, eager-to-please (and be pleased) gay men, enjoying hot sex in all sorts of ways. One scene includes a coach and player (featuring consensual submission and domination based on age difference), another scene between two young men features kissing and intimacy, and another brings us some "straight-acting" cops who enjoy a little good old-fashioned mutual masturbation. Condoms used throughout.

This porn has a very thin plot and I'm confused by it. That's ok because I didn't watch this for the plotline. At the beginning a man was attacked with a bat and I think he died, can't remember. There's some mention throughout of two babies being raised separately. Someone dressed like the Grimm Reaper is creeping around throughout and makes an appearance at the very end. WTF?!

There were five sex scenes, which I'll describe below.

SCENE 1: Two detectives are in their office sitting across from each other discussing the case and who could have attacked the man. They jerk off without saying a word to one another.

SCENE 2: Two guys from a baseball team have sex with each other in the locker room. The blonde guy blows the other. He then lays on the bench while the brunette squats over his face and gets a rim job. The blonde stands up and leans on the bench while the other guy penetrates him from behind. The brunette sits on the bench and the blonde stands on the bench in front of him and lowers himself down on the guys penis. Love that position! After awhile, the brunette stands up while holding on to the blonde. He lays the guy down on the bench on his back and penetrates him while standing up. The blonde is jerking himself off until he comes on his stomach. A minute later, the other guy comes on the blonde's stomach too. There's some poorly acted dialogue and some kissing afterward.

SCENE 3: Their baseball coach, 42ish, and younger player, early 20s, are in the coach's office. The coach gets a blow job and rim job. The younger guy gets a rim job while leaning against the wall and gets three fingers in his butt. He leans forward against the table and gets penetrated from behind very aggressively. He lays on this back on the floor. The coach is standing up in front of him, between his legs, holding his legs open. The coach is squatting down enough to penetrate him. The younger guy is jerking himself off the whole time and comes on his face.

SCENE 4: Three naked teammates, one of which is in the shower, are jerking off while watching two other guys, one of which is getting blown while sitting on a bench. The two that are watching jerk each other off then one blows the other. The guy in the shower is jerking off, then comes over to the the other two and gets blown by the one guy. The two guys from the bench come over and all are getting blown by one guy. They then break off into two couples, with one guy being left to watch. Two are on their backs getting rim jobs, and one gets fingered too, then they get penetrated. The one guy who's left out goes back and forth between the two guys who are on their backs and gets blown by them both.

SCENE 5: One guy from the team is sitting on his bed when another guy from the team comes into his room to see what the guy wanted. He tells him they're brothers then they kiss. They blow each other and one gets rimmed. The younger guy, the one who was invited over, is on his knees and elbows on the bed taking it from behind. He's uncircumcised. Later, he's on his back with the other guy kneeling between his legs, penetrating him. The one on his jerks himself off until he comes on his chest. The penetrator comes on the guys chest too.

MY THOUGHTS: The storyline was odd and poorly acted. The sex scenes made up for that. My favorite scene was the last one for several reasons. The guys were so into each other. It was like spying on a real couple. They were both very aggressive with everything they did. I like that they were on a bed, as that was the only scene that actually took place on a bed. I was getting tired of locker room scenes.

My second favorite scene was #2. I really like the blonde guy (Jason Pitt) and was disappointed he was only in that one scene. I like when he was on top of the guy when he was sitting on the bench and look forward to rewatching that scene.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.

Let Me Tell You About

I want to take a couple of minutes to let you all know about Eden Fantasys, if you haven't heard of them already. They're one of the largest online retailers of sex toys in North America. They have an unbelievable selection of toys that are made from all types of materials, such as glass, prehaps the most surprising material of all! They sell many other non toy adult items too, such as dvds and accessories.

One of my favorite things on their site is while reading a toy's description, you'll notice that you can click on the name of the material and it will take you to a separate page. That page lists all the different types of toy materials. It tells you what they're made from and how harmful they may be. I've not seen such a comprehensive list anywhere on any site and I've been to plenty. It's beyond useful and I've got it bookmarked.

You may have noticed too that customers can upload videos of themselves reviewing items. That's pretty cool. If there's a video review or written review of something you're thinking about purchasing, make sure you watch it or read it, as it can and may be very helpful to you. Occasionally measurements are slightly off and the reviewer will be likely to mention it.

Let me tell you about my favorite material. It's silicone. Silicone is top-of-the-line and I can't say enough about it. Eden Fantasys has a pretty impressive silicone selection. If you've never experimented with finding your G spot, I recommend that you get a silicone dildo or vibrator that has a pretty sharp curve to it, such as this one. I own it and recommend it highly.

I was compensated with a gift card for this post and this post is 100% truthful and in my own words.

PINKCHERRY'S Skyn Flared Base Silicone Dildo

This dildo came to me from sex toys. It's from their line of silicone dildos. It's made by an American company called Sportsheets. This color is called Violet Pearl and I think it also come in red.

MEASUREMENTS: This has an insertable length of 5 1/2". The thickest part of the head is 1 1/2" in diameter. The shaft is slightly slimmer. The flared base is totally flat and 1 1/2" in diameter.

MATERIAL: This is solid flexible silicone. Silicone is the best sex toy material that you can buy. It's nonporous, hypoallergenic, fragrance free and very slick when lubed up good. Wash it with very hot soapy water. You can even boil it and it's dishwasher safe.

MAINTENANCE: Use only water-based lube with silicone toys. Silicone lube will help break down the toy. Never store silicone toys directly against others of the same material as that too will help break down the toy. Silicone toys should last a lifetime is you take care of them.

MY THOUGHTS:  Love this toy. I can't praise silicone enough. This is the perfect size for me. It's not too long and I was able to sit upright on it without it hurting me much. It's not designed to suction to a hard surface but it will. Try using it on the toilet lid. I also love that it has a flared base because it gives you something to hold on to. A flared base is better than one with no base at all.

It has a bit of a curve to it so I wondered if it would stimulate my G spot, but it didn't. That's ok because it wasn't designed to. I have zero complaints about this and because of its size, it's a favorite of mine. It's more on the realistic side. The color is very pretty and has a darker purple swirl throughout it.

This is also available on their Canadian site. You can find PinkCherry on Twitter and Facebook. If you purchase this, or anything, from their sites, you just may be one of their lucky random monthy winners, who will win a $100 shopping spree. At, they currently have free shipping when you spend $49 or more.

For 10% off your order, use code THANKYOU at checkout. And check out their blog too!

I received this from Pink Cherry in exchange for a honest review.


This is a pretty crappy, low-budget Japanese porn, dubbed in English. There are three different scenes and two or three different men and just one woman. It's about an hour long.

SCENE 1: The man and woman are dressed like equestrians, who knows why. They're on some cheap white sound stage, if that's what it's called, sitting on a white bench. He takes her pants off and eats her out for a minute. She sits up and blows him for a few minutes and appears to be good at it. He then penetrates her briefly while she's laying on the bench. He's got a really thick penis. She lays on the floor and they have sex with her on her back. She obviously needs lube because he keeps taking his penis out and wiping saliva on it and on her opening. It's pretty clear she's not enjoying herself at all and appears to be in pain, judging by the expression on her face. Finally, he comes on her leg and rubs it in.

SCENE 2: Same girl but not sure if it's the same guy. She's supposed to be in school and is trying to pass some exam. She's sitting in a chair and he comes over to her and rubs her breast through her bra and rubs her clit through her underwear. I hate when they do that, like it's too much trouble to remove the damn underwear. Her left breast is out of the bra and he's playing with the nipple while she's rubbing her clit underneath her underwear. He asks her if she's wet. She says yes, shows him her fingers and he licks them, telling her how good it tastes.

SCENE 3: She's dressed like a cheerleader and sitting on a white mat. He's sitting at a school desk in front of her. He comes over to her and starts rubbing her clit, again through the underwear. He takes his clothes off and eats her out but good. She deserves it because she's about to take quite a pounding. He kneels beside her and she blows him while he's fingering her. He gets on his back, she gets on top and rides him. Doggie-style is next then she's on her back.

MY THOUGHTS: This was pretty crappy and low budget and made no sense. The craziest thing is that her voice was dubbed by a woman with an American accent! They couldn't find a woman with a real foreign accent to do it? The film quality was poor, like I was watching some acient VHS tape.

The only good part was the last scene because we got to see some penetration when she was on top.

Same review posted here.

This came from my own private stash but I won't be keeping it.


PINKCHERRY'S Sex in the Shower Vibrating Mesh Sponge

This unique bath item came to me from sex toys. This is called Sex in the Shower Vibrating Mesh Sponge. It's made by an American company called Sportsheets.

This is your typical mesh bath sponge, which is a very pretty shade of purple, but what makes this very unique is that buried in the middle is a vibrating bullet. The powerful silver bullet runs on watch batteries, which are included, and you control it by pushing a small button on the bottom.

I think the best part of this is that both pieces can be used separately so to me, this is a 2-in-1 toy. Bullets are very small and can be used discreetly on the clitoris outside of the shower or tub.

I didn't find this to be too useful in the shower but like I said, the bullet alone is very useful, as is the sponge.

This is also available on their Canadian site. You can find PinkCherry on Twitter and Facebook. If you purchase this, or anything, from their sites, you just may be one of their lucky monthy winners, who will win a $100 shopping spree.

For 10% off your order, use code THANKYOU at checkout. Check out their blog too!

I received this from Pink Cherry in exchange for a honest review.


This came to me via Sex Toys. It's called Emma's Passion Garden Honeysuckle Bud. It's made by a company called California Exotic Novelties. It requires two AAA batteries and they aren't included.

MATERIAL: This is made from a rubber blend called TPE. It's a bit translucent and you can see the actual vibrator inside. TPE is slightly porous so make sure to clean it very well in hot soapy water and use condoms on it if sharing with a partner. This is not a smooth, slick material so you should use lube with it. That's what I did. This is very flexible but I don't recommend bending it with your hands because you wouldn't want to damage the vibrator inside.

MEASUREMENTS: This has an insertable length of 6 1/4". The thickest part of the tip is 1.2" in diameter. It narrows a bit then thickens to about 1.3" in diameter. With batteries inserted, this weighs 4.2 oz.

MY THOUGHTS: This has got to be the cutiest thing I've ever seen. It looks so much better in person that in its photo. I really like the little nubbie things on the bud. I think it added some extra friction. The bud looks a bit like a raspberry.

This has three vibration speeds that are controlled by a push-button on the bottom. All three speeds are very, very powerful. This material vibrates very well, better than any other I've used, even on the lowest speed.

This isn't designed to stimulate the G spot but I tried anyway and didn't have any luck. I decided to use it on my clit and had a good clitorial orgasm that way but you have to be extra careful when using vibrators on your clitoris, as they can do some damage.

Pink Cherry has a pretty large selection of other vibrators so have a look around. This one is also available on their Canadian site. You can also find PinkCherry on Twitter and Facebook.

For 10% off your order, use code THANKYOU at checkout.

I received this from Pink Cherry in exchange for a honest review.

PATIENCE by Lisa Valdez

PUB. INFO: Berkley, April 2010
SETTING: England, June 1851
HEROINE: Passion Dare, 22
HERO: Matthew Hawkemore, 26
PART OF SERIES? Yes, book 2 of 3
GRADE: A for sex, C for plot

From Publisher: A woman called Patience.
A desire that would put her name -- and love -- to the test...

Known for her exceptional beauty, Patience Emmalina Dare has been pursued by admirers ever since coming of age. But as suitor after suitor fails to inspire her love, or her desire, she is certain she will never find a man who touches her deeply. Until a passionate kiss with an enigmatic man awakens a powerful need in her. But can she reconcile her desire for him with her desire for a life that's her own? And what will she do when he shows her a part of herself she never knew existed?

When the secret of his illegitimate birth pushes Matthew Morgan Hawkmore from his place in society, the darkly handsome half brother of the Earl of Langley plots his resurrection and his revenge. Betrayed and abandoned by the women he believed loved him, he swears never again to be controlled by love. But despite his vow, he is unable to resist Patience, whose strength and self-reliance mask a need that he is perfectly suited to fulfill...


The heroine is red haired, green eyed Patience Dare. She's 22 years old.
The hero is 26 year old Matthew Hawkemore.

The story begins in England on the same day as Patience's older sister, Passion, June 30, 1851. Patience and Matt were already aquainted with each other, having met because their siblings were engaged to each other. The story spans about six months.

Like the authors previous novel, this one too is centered around much sex. Hardcore sex, to be exact. They begin a dominant/submissive sexual relationship from the start of the story. Sex dominates the story and there isn't a whole lot going on plotwise.

Matt, in the previous novel, found out he was a 'bastard' and that his real father was a gardener and his brother Mark is really his half brother. Because of that, his fiancee Rosalind Benchley calls off their marriage right at the beginning of the novel. Her father is now out to ruin Matt financially. Matt was told by a teenage boy he knows that there is some sort of secret about Rosalind being a 'bastard' too. So Matt has the boy snoop around the Benchley household to try and find evidence of it. So, honestly, that's all that really goes on here, that and sex. Passion, Mark and Patience's aunt Matty make quite a few appearances throughout.

Near the end of the story, Rosalind's father is responsible for causing an explosion at the coal mine that Matt owns. Matt sells it to someone else and discovers that Rosalind is not the one who is the's her father that is. Matt plans to make that knowledge public in an attempt to ruin Benchley in all ways but Patience talks him out of it. Patience accepts Matt's proposal and Matt really wants a Christmas time wedding.

We find out through a letter some lady writes to her friend that Matt and Patience did get married.

MY THOUGHTS: I give the sex scenes in this book an A+ because they're so graphic. I couldn't have been more pleased with them. I give the plotline, with Matt trying to find out if Benchley really is a 'bastard' and the coal mine explosion a C. That whole plot seems to have fallen by the wayside. The author has a problem writing anything that isn't sexual, in my opinion. She should have and could have done so much more with the Matt-trying-to-ruin-Benchley thing but she just didn't know how or just didn't want to. Regardless, the graphic sex more than made up for the rest. Not every book needs to be a great masterpiece. Some are really nothing more than one sex scene after another and I see nothing wrong with that.

I'm assuming the next book will feature Patience's younger sister Primrose as the heroine. If the sex in this one, book 2, was much more graphic than the previous one, Passion, I can't imagine how she'll top it with book 3. Overall, I have to say that yes, I did enjoy this novel.