White Butts Outdoor: Yes I Want! Adult DVD

Link to Cover: back cover
Run Time: 6 Hours
Production Date: 2006
Production Company: Sunshine Video
UPC: 799615050448
Film Rating: XXX
My Grade: A

MY THOUGHTS: This dvd is a six hour compilation of just sex scenes and there are tons of 'em. Who needs a plot? Not I. Scenes appear to have been filmed in the late 80's up until the 00's. Most of the girls are white. A few are Asian or Hispanic. The guys are all whitish, hung like horses, and one is black and he's in two different scenes. Only a few scenes take place outside. Most of the girls have natural breasts.

A few scenes, six or so, are clearly amateurish and those guys have normal sized penises. The sex is all heterosexual except for three or four lesbian scenes, one of which involved a sex toy and took place outdoors. There are a few, ten, fifteen maybe, scenes of anal and ususally without condoms. Most scenes are without condoms. Most of the girls are completely bald down below except for landing strips, though I can't figure out the point of the strip. Some are so small you can barely see them. Almost all of the men are hairy, everywhere.

Complaints: I hate breast implants and tattoos. Can't stand them. So many of the girls have one or two small tattoos in the worst places. I despise 'facials', if you know what I mean and if you don't, Google the term, and they're in most scenes. Yuck.

The last two hours are my favorite though I can't remember why. The film quality, or whatever you call it, isn't the best but it cost me next to nothing so I can't complain.

This came from my own personal stash.


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