Cover Photo: back cover
Studio: EVN
Release Date: May 2002
UPC: 769817223629
Film Rating: XXX
Run Time: 75 minutes
My Grade: B

SCENE 1: This is a heterosexual scene that takes place in someone's yard. The girl is a very cute brunette with small natural breasts, B cup. She has no pubic hair. The guy is brunette with no pubes either and his tongue is pierced. They both perform oral on each other, have sex in doggie-style position and with him behind her while they both lay on their right sides. No condoms were used.

Because this took place outside and under or near a tree, the lighting wasn't so good. The leaves cast shadows on everything. Once penetration began, the girl looked like she couldn't wait for it to end.

SCENE 2: This is a lesbian scene that takes place outside in a lounge chair beside a pool. Both are blonde with natural breast that appear to be a C cup and one looks like a D cup. They have bald labia. The one with shorter hair performs oral on the other while she's laying back in the chair. She's laying between her spread legs. Then she gets up, gets a flesh colored dildo, puts lube all over it, faces away from the other girl and straddles the dildo while the other holds it in place for her on the chair. She uses it that way for awhile then leans back against the other girl and continues to use it.

My only complaint about this scene is that I think that once the one girl leaned back against the other one, the one who wasn't using the dildo should have gotten up and knelt on the ground beside the other and rubbed her clit while she used the dildo on her.

The girl who used the dildo is on the front cover, bottom right, and to the right, having her nipple licked.

SCENE 3: This heterosexual scene took place on a bed. The girl had short blonde hair and small natural breasts. The guy had dark blonde hair and a humongous penis. Poor girl. I think he was in the Yes, I Want! DVD that I reviewed recently. He performed oral on her for about 90 seconds, 10 of which he wasn't even licking her clit; he was licking beside it for no apparent reason. Lazy bastard. They did it doggie-style with her on all fours on the bed and him standing up beside it and behind her. Then missionary position. No condoms were used. I almost threw up all over myself when he came on her face because his stuff was extra thick.

SCENE 4: This is a lesbian scene that took place, once again, beside a pool. Both have bare labia and natural breasts. The brunette performed oral on the blonde then, in doggie-style position, used a clear (glass?) dildo on her. The blonde then used a black realistic vibrator on the brunette while in doggie-style position then she used a glass dildo in her butt.

MY THOUGHTS: The lighting wasn't good on two of the three outdoor scenes which made it hard at times to see what was going on. My two favorite scenes, coincidentally, are the other two that had better lighting; the lesbian with the dildo and the bed scene. Only one girl's name was given, Rachelle Simpson, but I don't know which one she was, and the guy's names weren't given either. How lazy of the company to not take the time to find out who they were.

This came from my personal collection.

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