This goodie is called Curve. It's made by an American company called Tantus. The color is called Midnight Purple.

MATERIAL: This is made from what Tantus calls ultra-premium silicone. It's very giggly and flexible. You can tell this is a quality piece. Silicone is 100% hypoallergenic, nonporous and is the best toy material out there.

MEASUREMENTS: The shaft is about 5 3/4" long. The thickest part of the head is 1 1/2" in diameter. The shaft is almost 1 1/2" in diameter and thickens slightly as it nears the base. The base/platform is thick, about 5/8". This weighs about 8.1 oz.

CARE AND MAINTENANCE: Wash with hot soapy water or boil to disinfect. You can only use water-based lube with silicone toys. Never use silicone lube as it will help break down the material. Never store silicone toys directly against other silicone toys because that too will help break down the material.

HOW TO USE: To have a G spot orgasm, what I did was vigorously thrust the shaft in and out, using probably just the first 3 1/2". Because this dildo is flexible it's best to hold the base of the shaft while using it and to not hold the base itself. Make sure that every time you pull the dildo out that you pull it most of the way out of yourself before thrusting it back in.

After just a minute or so I was able to feel the coronal ridge of the head rubbing against my G spot. It had a mild orgasmic feeling and that lead me to think I may be able to have a G spot orgasm. I kept thrusting and after at least five minutes, I could feel that orgasmic feeling intensify until I had an orgasm. I was able to have my very first G spot orgasm using a dildo. I've had them before with G spot vibrators but this is my first G spot dildo.

VERDICT: It's amazing that I was able to have an orgasm without any clitoral stimulation at all. I made a great choice with this toy and can't recommend it enough. This is the best dildo you could ever hope to own. I use it more than any other.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.


Cover Photo: link
Production Co: White Ghetto Films, 2006
Run Time: 2 hr. 20 min.
UPC: 600236940745
Film Rating: XXX
My Grade: B

This dvd features five different sex scenes. The same man (who's got a very thick penis that gets a bit narrower near the base) is in all of them and he's filming the scenes himself. Everyone is white(ish). The girl on the box cover is not even in the dvd.

SCENE 1: The woman is Phyllisha Anne. She's a blonde with breast implants that look more natural. She's got a landing strip and bare labia. She's at a body shop when the camera man comes in looking for his car. It's not there nor is anyone but Phyllisha.  He asks her how much she wants as payment for the car and she offers him a blow job instead and proceeds to give him one for ten minutes. They then have sex in missionary position, then reverse cowgirl, then doggie style. The scene is about 30 minutes long. No condoms are used.

SCENE 2: The woman is Alexandria Dane. She's a blonde with breast implants and no pubes. She's outside on the phone with a friend. She tells them that the kids are away. She goes inside, tells the guy that they're home alone and she gives him a blow job. He lays on the floor and she gets on top of him, then they do it in reverse cowgirl position, then doggie-style the rest of the time. The scene is about 30 minutes long. No condoms were used.

This is my favorite scene of the five because the girl (she's a rough looking ethnic bleach blonde) is clearly into all the sex. She doesn't look like she's in misery like most of the girls in porn and appears to be having fun.

SCENE 3: The woman is Mia. She's older, maybe near 50, blonde and maybe Russian. She's got a little hair on her mound and bare labia. The camera man comes to her house to visit his friend, who is her son. He's not home so they have sex. Why not? They first have sex on the sofa in missionary position. She has the most intense vaginal orgasm that I've ever seen. He rubs her clit briefly and her right leg starts to tremble like crazy. Shortly after she says she's going to come and her entire body shakes uncontrolably. I've never seen anything like it before. I'm wondering if she had multiple ones because it went on for longer than normal. They do it doggie-style on the floor and she appears to have another super intense orgasm. This scene too was about 30 minutes. No condoms were used.

This is my second favorite scene of the five simply because of the realness, the intensity of the orgasms she had and her ability to forget she's got a camera in her face while she lets herself go.

SCENE 4: The woman is Rachael Rains. She's a redhead with natural breasts, a few tattoos, navel and tongue piercings. Bald vulva. Not attractive at all and clearly trying to look cool and hip. She tells the camera guy that her kids are away so they have sex in her bedroom. Not sure who he is, though. Boyfriend? After a blog job, she gets on her back on the bed, scoots near the edge and the guy is standing up while penetrating her. She rubs her clit most of the time. Smart girl. The guy sure as hell isn't going to lend a helping hand, or finger.

They do it on the floor with her on top, then reverse cowgirl, doggie-style, then on the bed with her on her knees and elbows with her butt facing out and him penetrating her from behind while he's standing up. She then turned onto her left side and they had anal sex. After he came on her chest, she put his penis in her mouth right after it had been in her butt without a condom on it.

SCENE 5: The girl is Bailey O'Dare. She's a redhead with no pubes. She's supposed to be a therapist who hypnotizes the camera guy at her home. They have sex while he's under and when he comes out of it he's not supposed to remember the sex. After a blow job, they do it on the floor in missionary position, reverse cowgirl, and doggie-style.

This is my least favorite scene. This girl had more dialogue than the others and I think she was pretty good at it. In the middle of her being on top, she'd get off of him, blow him for thirty seconds, then get back on. That got on my nerves. I got the feeling she just didn't want to have sex and wanted it to end.

COMPLAINTS: My major complaint with the scenes is saliva was used as lube and I can't stand that! It makes me cringe when the guy would spit on whatever he needed lube on. The women did it too and it just repulses me. Is lube so expensive that the director, or whomever, couldn't supply some?

My second complaint is that, surprise, surprise!, NO oral was done on the women. Now, the man was filming this himself and it would have been difficult for him to film that paticular act but someone elses could have filmed it for him. It's ridiculous that all that sex went on and the women got cheated, again!

This came from my own personal stash.


PUB. INFO: Dreamspinner Press June 2009
GENRE: Male/Male Historical Romance
SETTING: England, 1800s
HERO: Leander Mayfield, 22
HERO: Julien Sutcliffe, 31

From Publisher: Leander Mayfield is the only surviving son of a poor farmer… or so he believes until the day he learns he is in fact the new Earl of Dearborne. Still recovering from a lingering illness, the sensitive young man travels to Great Britain to claim his estate and embarks upon a bewildering new life.

Julien Sutcliffe, the Earl of Blackstone, is suffering from ennui. He’s tired and bored with all the finery and wealth and wonders about him. Then he meets this refreshingly naive American Earl, newly arrived in England, and suddenly the world comes alive around him again.

Irresistibly drawn to one another, Julien finds himself besotted, and Leander is equally smitten. But just when they think they may have finally found happiness together, Julien and Leander discover that something–or someone–is determined to separate them permanently.

MY THOUGHTS: This was an enjoyable read. It held my interest with no problem. Both lead characters are very likable. Leander seemed so sweet and innocent. Julian is a confident man who lives his life as he chooses. He isn’t worried about what society thinks of him. Julian was instantly attracted to Leander from the start and Leander was intrigued by Julian. I really liked the nine year age difference between them.

I didn’t care much for Leander’s brothers and thought the story could have done without them. There was a villain who did a dirty deed but when it was revealed to the reader who he was, it was no surprise; I’d suspected it was him.

There were four sex scenes and I wasn’t impressed with any of them. They were ordinary and not all that graphic, to my disappointment.

I was satisfied with the ending and would love for there to be a sequal. I would read this author again.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. ⊱╮



Cover Photo: back cover
Studio: EVN
Release Date: May 2002
UPC: 769817223629
Film Rating: XXX
Run Time: 75 minutes
My Grade: B

SCENE 1: This is a heterosexual scene that takes place in someone's yard. The girl is a very cute brunette with small natural breasts, B cup. She has no pubic hair. The guy is brunette with no pubes either and his tongue is pierced. They both perform oral on each other, have sex in doggie-style position and with him behind her while they both lay on their right sides. No condoms were used.

Because this took place outside and under or near a tree, the lighting wasn't so good. The leaves cast shadows on everything. Once penetration began, the girl looked like she couldn't wait for it to end.

SCENE 2: This is a lesbian scene that takes place outside in a lounge chair beside a pool. Both are blonde with natural breast that appear to be a C cup and one looks like a D cup. They have bald labia. The one with shorter hair performs oral on the other while she's laying back in the chair. She's laying between her spread legs. Then she gets up, gets a flesh colored dildo, puts lube all over it, faces away from the other girl and straddles the dildo while the other holds it in place for her on the chair. She uses it that way for awhile then leans back against the other girl and continues to use it.

My only complaint about this scene is that I think that once the one girl leaned back against the other one, the one who wasn't using the dildo should have gotten up and knelt on the ground beside the other and rubbed her clit while she used the dildo on her.

The girl who used the dildo is on the front cover, bottom right, and to the right, having her nipple licked.

SCENE 3: This heterosexual scene took place on a bed. The girl had short blonde hair and small natural breasts. The guy had dark blonde hair and a humongous penis. Poor girl. I think he was in the Yes, I Want! DVD that I reviewed recently. He performed oral on her for about 90 seconds, 10 of which he wasn't even licking her clit; he was licking beside it for no apparent reason. Lazy bastard. They did it doggie-style with her on all fours on the bed and him standing up beside it and behind her. Then missionary position. No condoms were used. I almost threw up all over myself when he came on her face because his stuff was extra thick.

SCENE 4: This is a lesbian scene that took place, once again, beside a pool. Both have bare labia and natural breasts. The brunette performed oral on the blonde then, in doggie-style position, used a clear (glass?) dildo on her. The blonde then used a black realistic vibrator on the brunette while in doggie-style position then she used a glass dildo in her butt.

MY THOUGHTS: The lighting wasn't good on two of the three outdoor scenes which made it hard at times to see what was going on. My two favorite scenes, coincidentally, are the other two that had better lighting; the lesbian with the dildo and the bed scene. Only one girl's name was given, Rachelle Simpson, but I don't know which one she was, and the guy's names weren't given either. How lazy of the company to not take the time to find out who they were.

This came from my personal collection.


PUB INFO: Dreamspinner Press, 9/2011
GENRE: Male/Male historical romance
SETTING: England, 1818
HERO: Lord James Warren
HERO: Kyle Allen

From Publisher: Lord James Warren, Viscount Sudbury, lives a quiet, safe, and predictable life alone on his estate in Suffolk, only traveling to London once a year to visit family and satisfy his more forbidden needs. But this year, his routine is shattered when his niece and nephew ask him to help a beautiful young man they’ve only just met.

Kyle Allen, alone and running from his abusive lover, stirs feelings in James he has long denied for fear of tarnishing his reputation and losing his family’s love. Though undeniably drawn to Kyle, James’s honor demands he keep that part of himself completely secret, even if Kyle is feeling the attraction as well, despite the pain and betrayal he’s recently suffered.

Assistance and a future for Kyle might be secured, but then they would face a choice: stay apart and continue leading half-lives… or risk everything for love.


James: He’s thirty-four years old, over six feet tall, has brown curly hair and brown eyes. He’s the youngest of two. He lives alone and is very close to his nineteen-year old twin niece and nephew.

Kyle: He’s eighteen-ish, has dark hair and green eyes. He grew up in his older brother’s shadow and could never live up to his parents expectations. He was in an abusive relationship with a much older man, Victor Weir, and has been raped by him.

What an interesting story this was. It’s a true love story and James and Kyle are a perfect match. James really tried to fight off his attraction to Kyle but Kyle wouldn’t let him. Kyle is very young and vulnerable to everything. He’s very passive and wounded. They have to hide their relationship and I was hoping they’d find a way to be together.

There are three very graphic sex scenes. Knowing Kyle has been abused, James is very tender with him. I felt they were a perfect pair and that made me enjoy the intimate scenes more.

My two complaints are that I don’t think James telling his niece about Kyle was believable at all. We never learned about how Kyle came to be involved with Victor in the first place and I’d like to have known about it.

I truly loved this story and consider it to be a favorite of mine.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.⊱╮

White Butts Outdoor: Yes I Want! Adult DVD

Link to Cover: back cover
Run Time: 6 Hours
Production Date: 2006
Production Company: Sunshine Video
UPC: 799615050448
Film Rating: XXX
My Grade: A

MY THOUGHTS: This dvd is a six hour compilation of just sex scenes and there are tons of 'em. Who needs a plot? Not I. Scenes appear to have been filmed in the late 80's up until the 00's. Most of the girls are white. A few are Asian or Hispanic. The guys are all whitish, hung like horses, and one is black and he's in two different scenes. Only a few scenes take place outside. Most of the girls have natural breasts.

A few scenes, six or so, are clearly amateurish and those guys have normal sized penises. The sex is all heterosexual except for three or four lesbian scenes, one of which involved a sex toy and took place outdoors. There are a few, ten, fifteen maybe, scenes of anal and ususally without condoms. Most scenes are without condoms. Most of the girls are completely bald down below except for landing strips, though I can't figure out the point of the strip. Some are so small you can barely see them. Almost all of the men are hairy, everywhere.

Complaints: I hate breast implants and tattoos. Can't stand them. So many of the girls have one or two small tattoos in the worst places. I despise 'facials', if you know what I mean and if you don't, Google the term, and they're in most scenes. Yuck.

The last two hours are my favorite though I can't remember why. The film quality, or whatever you call it, isn't the best but it cost me next to nothing so I can't complain.

This came from my own personal stash.


BLACK IVORY by Saliee O'Brien

PUBLISHER: Bantam, 4/1980
GENRE: Fiction/Historical Ro
SETTING: Mississippi and Louisiana/mid-1800's

FROM PUBLISHER: Ravished by her jailor...sold naked at the slave market...forced to flee for her life and her honor...the radiant, pale-skinned Hester was destined to suffer heartbreak and outrage because her parents were slaves. From the splendid vastness of Thornton Plantation to the dangers of escape and the horrors of captivity to the unexpected romance aboard a glittering showboat, she sought the one power great enough to reverse destiny's cruel course - the magic of one man's all-conquering true love.


The story takes place in Mississippi and Louisiana in 1857. The story spans almost four years. The heroine is Hester, fourteen years old, born in January 1843. She's a slave on the Thornton Plantation, along with her parents, Sam and Lela Belle. They have no last name. Hester is very pale and could pass for white though her parents are very dark. She's got auburn hair and brown eyes. She's often called a 'white nigger' by everyone on the plantation. Her older brother died in infancy.

Philip Bennett, blond hair and blue eyes, is the eighteen year old cousin to George Drummond. George is the stepgrandson to the plantation's owner, Thorne Wabash.

Thorne's daughter, Rosalie, was married to George's father, Seth. They married when George was around nine. George is very sadistic and loves for the slaves to be whipped. Thorne is sadistic too. When slaves are whipped he has cayenne pepper, salt and lemon juice rubbed into the wounds. He even beat one to death and put the body in the pig pen with hogs that were kept hungry.

Phil and Hester have always been attracted to each other and have sex one day. Phil wants them to run away and get married. Hester can pass for white and no one would know she wasn't. She tells him no. Phil tells George that he loves Hester. George then tells his stepgrandfather, Thorne. Thorne sells her. Sometime before this, Hester is raped by Boss Murray, overseer of the plantation and put into jail. Her parents break her out.

Hester is sold, nude on the auction block, to Edward Dalton, owner of Dalton Brokerage Company. She's to be his wife's seamstress. Mildred is his very jealous, crazy thirty-five year old wife. They've been married for ten years. Edward has an octaroon mistress, Clio. He's had her since right before he married Mildred. He has two sons with Clio and two daughters with his wife. Edward isn't able to visit Clio that often because he's scared his wife will find out. Clio, not knowing Hesters age but knowing she's young, encourages Edward to have sex with her whenever he wants to. And he does.

Edward hirers a thirty-six year old ex-lawyer named Beau Kidd to be his daughters' tudor. He takes a liking to Hester and offers to give her private school lessons in exchange for sex. She's desperate to learn, to read and write so she agrees, reluctantly. That sexual relationship and the one with Edward continues for a few years. One night Edward sneaks out of bed to go visit Hester in her bedroom. She's now seventeen. They're having sex when Mildred opens the door on them. She tells him she knows about Clio and their children together because she's had him followed. She stabs Edward in the throat with Hester's scissors and kills him. She's sent to a mental institution and the children are told both parents died in a carriage accident.

All the slaves are to be sold off. So Hester runs away at night. She ends up on a showboat called the Mississippi Magnola. This part of the story is really boring. She becomes an actress on the showboat, the same boat the her beloved Phil is an actor on. She's disguised as an American Indian, paints her skin darker, wears a dark wig and everything, but after a while, Phil recognizes her. He tells her that he still wants to marry her. She still refuses him, telling him it'll ruin his life if anyone finds out she's black. One night, like before, she runs away.

She wakes up one day very sick. She's at the home of Beula and Bud Carpender. Their son, Chess, lives there too. She'd been bitten twice by snakes and almost died. All three family members are part of the Underground Railroad. One night, a slave couple and their baby show up. Bud and Beula hid them. Searchers come looking for them and they're found. One of the men takes the baby by the legs and smashes it's head into a tree and kills it. The men recognize Hester from the wanted posters, since she's a runaway slave, but they all convince the men that she's not them, she's someone named Mary and is married to Chess.

Hester decides to leave the place and go hide out at with her parents on Thorne's plantation, where she was born. She knows the slaves won't tell on her. Once there, she decides to tell George that she's there and askes him to buy her from the people who took over Edward's plantation. He tells her he will....if she becomes his mistress. At this point, George is married to Eve, who's parents own a neighboring plantation.

At this point, she's seventeen and George is twenty-three. He makes Hester marry a slave named Proteus. He's very violent and rapes her orally on their wedding night and physically abuses her. The next day, George tries to rape Hester outside, where he's followed her, because she doesn't want to have sex outside where they can be seen. Phil just happens to see it. Phil was there in the first place because he figured that Hester would have gone back to her parents home to hide out after she ran away from him on the Mississippi Magnolia. Phil and George get into a knife fight and George almost dies.

Beula Carpender, who figured out who Hester was, has come to the plantation to tell everyone a secret. She gathers everyone in the family around. She tells them about Thorne's wife, Justine, running away with another man after she and Thorne's only child, Rosalie, was born. After Rosalie grew up, she got pregnant by twin brothers. She liked and wanted to marry Robert Millhouse. They began a sexual relationship with each other. She then was told by Robert that he and his identical twin brother Richard, had both been having sex with her. She was horrified and didn't know which one was the father. She had the baby and was told it was stillborn. She ended up marrying George's father, Seth, not long after giving birth. He never knew she was pregnant since she was kept hidden away so that only a few people knew about the pregnancy.

The best part of the story is finding out what happened with the 'stillborn' baby. I can't bring myself to give spoilers, since it's the most interesting part of the entire story. Farfetched, but good anyway. Hester and Phil do get their happily ever after.

MY THOUGHTS: I really liked this story. A couple of things weren't too plausible but I can overlook that since I found the rest to be entertaining. I thought the part where Hester ran away and became an actress was very boring and uninteresting. I don't care a thing about the world of acting.

The character Proteus, the slave who unofficially married Hester, came out of nowhere. I don't like, or understand, why he was made to be so violent. He didn't have much of a part in the story. I thought the whole marriage was pointless and unnecessary to the story. It should have been left out.

Without giving away the ending, I'll say that even though part of it was farfetched it was still a bit suspenseful. I'd already guessed it.


STUDIO: New Sensations
LENGTH: 2 hrs. 10 mins.
RELEASE DATE: 2/28/2011

From DVD: What would you do to find love?

In Lost and Found, David (Xander Corvus), a swinging bachelor who's tired of his old ways, can't believe his luck when Jen (Allie Haze) moves in next door. After being uncharacteristically at a loss for words, David is helped by his roommate, Steve (Chad Alva), who devises a scheme that is certain to bring Jen and David together. Is there no limit to what a man will do for a shot at love? Find out in this adorable romance about a man, a woman and the little pup that brought them together by nearly tearing them apart.

MY THOUGHTS: I liked this. Though it's an adult film, it didn't really seem like it, despite the sex. The film quality was definitely better than most I've seen. The plot was cute; Jen lost her dog (he walked out the door without her knowing it while she was holding it open) and it ended up in David's backyard. He and his roommate kept it hidden in the house so that David could continue to hang out with Jen while walking around the neighborhood putting up missing dog fliers for several days.

The women all had natural breasts and, of course, the men were hung like horses, especially the lead guy, who has the thickest penis I've ever seen in my life. That explains why the women who had sex scenes with him looked like they were in pain. They were, lol. All sex is hetero. The girls all have bare labia and landing strips. Condoms are used in all scenes.

There were four sex scenes. The lead guy was in two of them and the lead girl, one, right at the end. You can see photos of the actors by clicking on their names, here.

I like the packaging of this dvd. The dvd case is inside a cardboard box. The top, bottom and side of the box is made to look like the pages of a book. Should you choose to keep this film out on a self, like you would for a book, turn it so that the spine isn't facing outward and anyone who catches a glimse of it will just assume it's a book.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.


This dildo kit came to me from Eden Fantasys. It's from their huge inventory of silicone dildos. The toy is made from a company called Pipedream.

This four-piece kit includes dildo, eye mask, sample-size bottles of lube and toy cleaner.

MATERIAL: This dildo is made from silicone. Silicone is nonporous and hypoallergenic. You can even boil it to disinfect it if you want or just clean it with hot soapy water.

EXTRAS: The eye mask is made from very thin silicone. The lube has glycerin in it so I don't recommend that you use it. Glycerin has been proven to help cause yeast infections in women.  The toy cleaner has the same ingredients that are in most hand soaps, minus the fragrance.

It all comes packaged in a very sturdy small box and you can just store it all in it when not in use.

MEASUREMENTS: The shaft is 4 3/4" long. The diameter of the thickest part is exactly 1 1/2". It's very lightweight, weighing only 3.6 oz.

The base is flared, making it very safe for anal use. The base is domed underneath so that it can be suctioned to a hard surface, such as the toilet lid or edge of the bathtub.

MY THOUGHTS: I love the shorter length of this. I can sit upright on it without it hurting at all. The girth is perfect too. The narrower part of the shaft seems to be hollow but the thicker part at the end is solid. I really like that this will suction to a hard surface. I used it on the toilet lid and while in a chair. I also love a flared base on any toy because you have something to hold on to while using it.

Eden Fantasys has one of the largest, if not the largest selections of sex toys that I've ever seen and I continue to be impressed with it. I'm very happy with this dildo ( I love me some silicone!) because of the material and the safeness of silicone (it's at the top of the toy safety list) and the suction base. I recommend this to anyone, especially those who've never tried a toy before, because the size is not intimidating at all. It's petite and very cute!

Same review can be found here.


This gem is called First Mate. It's made from a company called Good Vibes Wholesales. It's made in three colors: Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate.

MATERIAL: This is made from my favorite material, solid seamless silicone. Silicone is completely hypoallergenic and nonporous. You can even boil it. There's nothing like it.

This paticular type of silicone is very flexible and wobbly. This has the most unique feel ever. They're very cool to the touch and have an almost wet feel to them. If you hold First Mate sideways and put both hands on it and pull in opposite directions, it will stretch slightly but doesn't say stretched. You can even squeeze it and it will give a bit. I've never seen anything like it before.

MEASUREMENTS: The shaft is 7 1/4" long. The diameter is slightly over 1 1/2". It weighs a hefty 9.9 oz.

PACKAGING: The plastic package is pretty bulky. It's easy to open and requires no scissors. You simply pull it apart at the top and it comes open but stays attached at the bottom. Inside is a plastic container that cradles the toy. I don't recommend storing the toy in its package because it's too much of a hassle to take it out. The packaging, with toy inside, weighs 13.5 oz.

LUBE: Never use silicone lube with silicone toys because it will help break down the material. Use water-based lube only. And do not use lube with glycerin in it. Glycerin is proven to help in the development of yeast infections in women. Google it.

MY THOUGHTS: I love it for several reasons. This is the perfect girth for me and the material is amazing. It's life-like with head and veins. It has a flat base that will suction to a hard surface, like a toilet lid. It's not meant to do that so the suction isn't too strong but it will work on the lid. The material is 100% body safe so there are no worries and cleanup is as easy as it get; soap and water. I have a few silicone toys and most feel different from each other. I'll have to research silicone to find out more about the drastic differences in them.

I'm beyond happy with First Mate and can't recommend it enough.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.



This toy came to me via Aruzzo.com. It's called Smooth Satin G Spot Vibrator. It's made by a company called California Exotics.

MATERIAL: This is made from smooth, unscented, seamless plastic. Plastic is nonporous and hypoallergenic. Simply wash it with hot soapy water. Use water-based lube with it if you need to.

MEASUREMENTS: This has an insertable length of about 7".  The smallest part of the shaft, at the tip, is just over 1" in diameter. The shaft is just over 1 1/4" in diameter. Right at the bottom it thickens the slightest bit.

This requires two C batteries, which are not included. With batteries inserted, it weighs 8.5 oz. The package it comes in is pretty compact, 2.5" W x 8.5" L x 1.75 D, not bulky at all and is easy to open. You could even store the toy in it and keep it in a drawer.

MY THOUGHTS: This sucker is pretty powerful. It's a bit noisy, even when inserted. I think someone outside the bedroom door might be able to hear it.

The reason why I wanted to try this paticular G spot vibrator is because I had a feeling that a hard plastic curved G spot toy would be best for finding the spot. I was right. I found mine. When it's inserted just a few inches, where the G spot is supposed to be, you can press it forward and actually feel the hard tip pressing into you. If you then move it to the left or right slowly, you can feel the hardness of it. I'd never noticed that hard pressure before with other G spot vibrators that I have, that happen to be made from flexable materials, though I've had luck with those too.

When trying to find yours, I recommend you turn this toy up pretty high and after you insert it, leave it in place without really moving it. Instinct tells you to move the toy around while it's in but don't do that when trying for an orgasm.

This toy is from Aruzzo's line of vibrators. It's inexpensive and the perfect size. I don't recommend anything smaller than 1 1/4". I consider this a 3-in-1 toy; a vibrator, dildo and clitoral vibrator. This G spot toy isn't curved as much as some are (some are really hooked) so I think it makes for a better dildo, should you want to use this without the vibrations.

I received this from Aruzzo in exchange for an honest review. Image below was scanned by me since I couldn't find a photo of the packaging online.