DEBBIE DOES DALLAS ADULT DVD w/ movie trailer and interview with Bambi

LENGTH: 84 minutes
UPC: 722435041167

SYNOPSIS: Staring Bambi Woods, Arcadia Lake, Misty Winter, Robin Byrd, Pat Allure, Paula Head and R. Bolla, Debbie and her young cheerleader friends, portrayed by the freshest new faces on the X-Rated scene, are faced with a delemma: Debbie's vibrant sensuality has earned her a coveted place with the Texas Cowgirl Cheerleaders. A trip to Dallas is expensive however, and college students don't often have that kind of money. As the action moves to the showers, a plan is formed...

The eight dazzling cheerleaders will all go to Dallas and to afford it, they have formed Team Services, an organization dedicated to serving their clients with total satisfaction...for a price. Profits roll in, bit it is Debbie who really saves the day.

The part of Debbie is played by newcomer Bambi Woods, and THIS movie went on to become THE most memorable adult classic ever filmed.

MY THOUGHTS: I really liked this. It was nice to see 'actors' who looked like real people, not Barbie doll wannabes and men who look like they spend every waking moment in the gym. No piercings, no tattoos, no fake hair, no fake breasts, no fake fingernails

The whole film was entertaining to me. It says on the back of the DVD cover that Debbie's in college but that's not true. She's in high school. I assume she's sixteen because a guy in the film is talking about the girls being 'sixteen'.

With most older porn that I've seen there is often lots of time in between sex scenes but not with this film. There's plenty of sex in this and when there isn't sex, there's nudity, mosty female. The acting isn't too bad and I think the men deliver their lines better that the girls.

The funniest line in the whole film to me is where one girl was deep throating a guy in the school library and he says, "Don't choke baby, stay alive". The funniest scene may have been when Debbie was dressed like a Texas Cowgirl and the man, I think he was her boss at a sporting goods store, came out from the back of the store dressed like a football player with his erect penis sticking out through the opening in his pants while he chased her around.

My only complaint is that I can't stand when music plays during sex scenes and music played during all of the scenes in this. And during non sex scenes this annoying marching band music played quite a bit.

This edition is remastered and includes deleted scenes that weren't in the original release. I've never seen the original release so I couldn't tell you what they are.

You can see screenshots of the film here.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.


This silicone is 100% silicone and is made by a German company called Fun Factory. It's from Fun Factory's line of shorter dildos, called stubs, and this model is called Amor. It comes in the colors Candy Rose, which is what I'm reviewing, and Black.

MATERIAL: Made from pure premium solid silicone, it can be boiled to disinfect it or simply wash with hot soapy water. Silicone is completely hypoallergenic and non porous. You can only use water-based lube with it. Never use silicone lube with silicone toys because the lube will help break down the material in the toy. This silicone feels a bit fuzzy and is slightly flexible. It weighs 6.3 oz.

MEASUREMENTS: The shaft is just under 5 " long. The shaft is just over 1 1/4" in diameter. It's curved for G spot stimulation. It has a flat flared base that will actually stick to a hard, flat surface. I pressed it to the toilet lid and used it that way. Also, with the base being flared, it's very easy to hold on to while using it while it's not suctioned to anything.

MY THOUGHTS: I really like this toy. It's the perfect length for me. I'd have liked for it to have been a bit thicker. I'm looking forward to experimenting with my G spot with it a bit more. This would be the perfect first-time dildo for someone who has never tried one and has no idea what size to get. The size is not intimating at all.

It comes with a little packet of lube but I don't recommend using it because it contains glycerin. Glycerin is sugar alcohol and has been shown to help cause irritation and yeast infections in women. So use a water-based lube that's glycerin-free.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.


This toy came to me from Eden Fantasys. It's called Rock Star Stevie. It's made by a company called Doc Johnson that has been around since 1976. This toy is from their line of G spot vibrators.

MATERIAL: The shaft is made from flexable hollow silicone. The bottom part, starting with the silver ring, is made from ABS, a type of body-safe plastic. This is completely waterproof and very easy to wash clean. Both silicone and plastic are nonporous and hypoallergenic.

MEASUREMENTS: This has an insertable length of 6". The tip is about 1 1/2" in diameter. With batteries inserted, it weighs 4.3 oz.

MY THOUGHTS:  The vibrations are controlled by turning the bottom of the round base. The vibrations do reach to the tip. I think this should have been rounded more at the tip. While moving it in and out I was aware that the tip was a bit flat and it wasn't as comfortable as it could have been.

I didn't have any luck finding my G spot with it but will experiment more. I turned it up pretty high and held it in place where I thought my G spot would be and had a clitoral orgasm. I think the vibrator being in place while having an orgasm that way often makes for an intense one.

This toy also comes in the color Sea Foam. They have many more sex toys so there's plenty to choose from.

SATAN'S MISTRESS by Rachel Cosgrove Payes with Author Photos

PUBLISHER: Playboy Paperbacks, March 1981
SETTING: England, 1753
HEROINE: Fiona McQuade
HERO: Will Huxley

FROM PUBLISHER: With dizzying speed, beautiful Fiona McQuade went from shopgirl to protégé of a duke and duchess. Dazzled by the luxurious living, Fiona forgot her lowly origins and even dreamed of marrying Viscount Will Huxley, the duchess's handsome lover. But of course the arrogant duke and duchess had other plans for the lovely Fiona. They all were members of the dreaded Hellfire Club: jaded nobility who satiated their decadent desires on the young and innocent. And so the unawakened Fiona was ravished by many men, the handsome Will Huxley among them. She had been sold into sexual slavery, and Fiona vowed they all would pay, even the man she loved.

SUMMARY: Sixteen-year old Fiona McQuade came from Edinburgh. She is a shop assistant at her aunt Eulalia's 'exclusive' millinery shop. Fiona lives above the shop. She's running across the street in the rain to get back to the shop when she was almost run down by a carriage. Will Huxley saved her by pulling her out of the way. Will and his married mistress Sarah came into the shop to pick up Sarah's hats. Sarah likes Fiona's work and hires her on the spot to be her wardrobe maid. She goes to live with Sarah and her husband.

Sarah tells Fiona that she needs to get married so throws a party to introduce her to Sarah's friends. Fiona is attracted to Will. He danced with Fiona and Sarah caught him with his hands on her breast. Sarah plans for Fiona to go to a picnic with Thornton Werington, whom Fiona met at the party the night before. Medmenham Abbey is where they are to picnic and attend a masquerade ball. Before the picnic, a maid that Fiona works with tells her that Sarah's husband is a member of the Hell-Fire Club and that they kidnap virgins and rape them.

Inside there are people wearing costumes. Two women that are dressed like nuns come up to Fiona and Thorton and have Fiona follow them. They tell her to strip down and put on a habit too and give her drugged wine, which she doesn't know is drugged. They lead her into a chapel where there were monks. They laid her on the altar, opened up her robe, spread her legs for her and allowed the men to have their way with her. They didn't know they were raping her because she wasn't protesting. They always have sex with someone, so they think she's there willingly. She doesn't protest either because she's drugged out of her mind. As Will Huxley was about to rape her, the drug started wearing off and she did start to protest and claw at his face but he raped her anyway. Then she passed out.

The next morning, Sarah and her husband got on her case about being at the 'orgy.' Fiona told them she knew they'd arranged it. She packed her things and snuck out of the house. She went back to her aunt's shop to work. Sarah went there and asked about Fiona. The aunt said shw worked there. Sarah said if Fiona continued to work there, Sarah would take her business elsewhere and tell her friends not to shop there. Fiona got a new job. Sarah found out about it and told Fiona's boss that she is a slut who consorts with members of the Hell-Fire Club.

When Fiona found that job, Thorton Werington helped her move into her new place above a greengrocers. When Fiona got fired from her current job, she ran into him again while leaving the shop. He told her he'd get her a room at an inn. She was to become his mistress and he moved her into his home. Once in bed, Thorton wanted to have sex with her but she told him she was tired and he punched her in the jaw. The next day as she was tying his tie, he kept pinching her breasts.

Fiona wanted to know more about Will Huxley. Thor told her he wanted to take her back to the abbey, but not for sex. In hopes of finding out more about Will, who goes to the abbey, Fiona agrees to go. She plans to get revenge on him, Sarah and her husband.


Length: 153 minutes
Studio: Vivid Entertainment
Produced: 2008
Rating: XXX
My Grade: C

This DVD is comprised of five vignettes, each chosen by the actresses who star in them. At the beginning of each story, the actors tell why they like rough sex.

Adrianna: Breaking and Entering- Adrianna is a blonde with natural breasts and tattoos. She came up with the idea to have a man break in and rape her. The only problem is that what went on sexually likely would never have happened. She used a vibrator on herself while being 'raped'. I'm not sure if she was supposed to be into the rape or what but I think it was a bad idea to involve a toy in this scenario. Also, at the beginning when she was drying off after showering, she turned her butt to the camera and had a dildo in. Really? We're supposed to believe she showered with that in? That just didn't make any sense to me, nor did the reverse cowgirl position. All the sex took place in bed.

Satine: Stranded- Satine is hispanic and has natural breasts. She came up with the idea to be stranded in the middle of nowhere in a broken-down jeep. Derrick (white with a shaved head and huge tattoo covering his left side) came along and offered to stay with her while she waited for someone to pick her up.

I had trouble with this storyline because of all the slapping that went on the whole time. Satine's body was covered in handprints and red marks. At the beginning of the story, before Derrick arrives, they show her pee while crouched on a rock. All the sex took place in her jeep, on the jeep and leaning against it.

Francesca: Taking Over- Francesca is hispanic with breast implants and a piercing on her labia. She's supposed to be a housewife who's fed up with her overworked husband, Christian, who's white with a shaved head. She ends up taking control of him and dominating him in the bedroom. Francesca was way too agressive and frantic. There was lots of her spitting on him, which I didn't like at all, especially when she kept spitting in his mouth. All sex took place in bed.

Marie: Caught- Marie is a black woman with natural breasts. She gets into an argument with her black boyfriend over her cheating and they have great make up sex. All sex takes place in their bedroom, mostly in bed.

Sasha: Switched- Sasha is a brunette with natural breasts. She and Danny have a real meeting while shooting pool to discuss what they do and don't like while having rough sex. There's lots of spitting on each other and in mouths, which I don't like at all. Most of the sex takes place on the pool table.

MY THOUGHTS: What I find so odd is that there was no oral sex done on any of the women. I've never not seen that in porn. I didn't enjoy all the slapping and spitting that went on. I wasn't expecting this to be quite so degrading. I was thinking it would be rough, in a playful sort of way, not gross. I was disappointed with it.

There are some extras on the dvd, including sneek peeks at some other 'instructional' dvd's by the same female director. I found those to be more interesting and entertaining than the feature film itself. It was funny to see porn star Penny Flame in them because I know her from VH1's Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew.

You can see photos of the actors in this film here.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.


This thick dildo is called Cush. It's made by a company called Tantus. I'm reviewing the color called Twilight.

MATERIAL: This is made from Tantus' O2 line of dildos. It's made from premium silicone. It's very squishy and bendable. The inner layer is solid and firm silicone while the outside is made from a silicone blend they call SuperSoft™. It's very cool to the touch but warms up easily. It has a thick ridge that's designed to stimulate your G spot but I never felt any G spot stimulation from it.

You can only use water-based lube with silicone toys. Never use silicone lube with silicone toys because it will help break down the material. This is a very high quality toy.

MEASUREMENTS: The shaft measures 7". This has a diameter of 1 3/4", which is pretty thick. You'll definitely need lube with this one.

COLOR: This color is called Twilight but the photo doesn't show just how beautiful the coloring is. This is a mixture of opal and dark purple swirls. The flat bottom base is solid purple.

THE VERDICT: This is the most unique looking toy I've ever seen. It feels amazing to the touch, smooth and rubbery and bendable and it's just nice to look at. The only problem is that it's incredibly thick. It was difficut to insert, even with lube, but once it was in, it was fine. Because of that, it won't be my go-to toy but I will definitely enjoy using it. I can only hope that they make it in smaller sizes.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest opinion.


BabeLube is Babeland's own brand of gel lubrication. It comes in four sizes plus a little sample-sized packet. It's water-based, water-soluble, paraben-free, glycerin-free and best of all, it's hypoallergenic. The two largest sizes come in a pump bottle, which I like better than a tube. This is also safe to use with any type of toy, no matter the material, since it's water-based.

I didn't have any problem with it drying out while using with a toy. A plus is that it doesn't have much of a smell.

Babeland has a pretty good selection of lubes and condoms so if BabeLube doesn't interest you, they should have something that's to your liking. And take advantage of their free shipping when you spend $50 or more.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.