NUTRA SONIC ESSENTIAL BRUSH Professional Facial Cleansing System


THE UNIT: It's 7 1/4" long and is very comfortable to hold. With a brush and cover on it, it weighs 7.1 oz. The unit has to be charged for 24 hours before you can use it. I've been using mine for a full month. I use it about twice a week and it's still on it's initial charge. After it's fully charged, you don't need to store it on its base. I store the charger, cord and two other brushes inside the little bag that comes with it. I store the hand-held unit in a drawer when I'm not using it. It comes with a cover to protect the brush from getting mashed.

BRUSHES: It comes with three brushes, two of which are for the face alone: one for sensitive skin, one for normal skin, and a larger one for the body. I prefer the brush that's for normal skin. The sensitive skin brush seems to be a little too soft.

BAG: This comes with a silver metallic storage bag. It's 8" W x 6 1/2" H x 3 1/8" D. There's plenty of room inside to store everything.

HOW IT WORKS: The brush oscillates over 400 times per second. It moves so fast you can't really see it moving. It has four speeds: high, low, one just for the body and jitter mode. There's not much difference between them so I use them all. I like the jerky motion of the jitter mode so I've been using that one the most lately.

HOW TO USE IT: When you turn it on it's automatically on low speed. You can then choose from three other speeds. You wet your face, add your cleanser to both your face and brush and gently move it around without pressing it into your face. The spinning brush does all the work. Don't stand too close to the mirror because suds fly all over the place.

MY THOUGHTS: I love it. It's fun to use and you can see and feel results immediately. You can clean your face quickly, in under one minute, or you can take your time and spend a couple of minutes. It just depends on how sensitive your skin is. When you're rinsing your face off by splashing water on it and your hands touch your face, you can feel the smoothness right away.

I would recommend this to everyone. I have no complaints about it. You can buy it from Nutra Sonic's website but the cheapest I've found it online is at

You can watch a video on this on Youtube.

I received this from the company in exchange for an honest review.

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