THE PARLOR by N.T. Morley

PUB. INFO: Fanny Press, 2009
GENRE: Contemporary Erotica/BDSM

From Publisher: Kathryn accepts her dream proposal: a contract for a year of sexual servitude in the mansion of the gorgeous Sarah and the mysterious John. Introduced to the pleasures and pains of severe bondage and discipline, Kathryn discovers that John and Sarah intend to place every portion of her anatomy available at the service of their guests, friends, and co-conspirators. She is given again and again to faceless men and women, pierced to display her submission, and punished exquisitely for the least transgression—or merely to amuse her owners. Before long it becomes clear that far more than mere submission is taking place—Sarah is far more than a mortal dominant, and the darkest embrace awaits those who offer her absolute submission. Can Kathryn resist her desire to give herself over to total pleasure and unending surrender? Or will she resist Sarah’s touch and become an enemy of this powerful creature?

MY THOUGHTS: I didn’t like anything at all about this story. I learned nothing about what led Kathryn into this lifestyle. The story is predominantly lesbian with just a couple sex scenes with men. Not at all what I like. Way too much vagina for my liking. Too much ‘punishment’ with gigantic rubber dildos by sadistic lesbians. There was no reason for this story to have been published.

I’m assuming this author is female. I have one more book by her to read and I won’t read her ever again after that.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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