This vibrator from Aruzzo.com is called Pink Power Penis. It's made from safe, hypoallergenic plastic. It washes clean with hot soapy water.

MEASUREMENTS: It has an insertable length of almost 7" and a diameter of close to 1 1/2". It has a realistic head and veins. It uses 2 C batteries, which aren't included. It's pretty powerful, even on the lowest speed and is operated with a turn dial that's located at the very bottom, right where you unscrew it to insert the batteries.

The color is more of a reddish-pink than pink. It's one of many toys from their traditional vibrators line. The girth is perfect for me and I didn't need to add lube though you may need or want to. Being made from plastic, it's pretty slick when minimal moisture is on it. It also feels good laying on bare labia when turned up pretty high.

This is one toy where I prefer to use it without the vibrations. This toy isn't designed to stimulate your G spot so since it's got the classic straight shape, insertion is easier and you don't need to be as careful.

I received this from the company in exchange for an honest review.

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