Sex-A-Peel Vibrator/Dildo

This little cutie is called Sex-A-Peel. It's part of their long line of vibrators. The toy is made by a French company called Love to Love.

Material: This is a dildo that's made from solid silicone. Silicone is at the top of the list as far as safe materials go. It's not harmful to your body, it's nonporous, very smooth and can be boiled to disinfect it. If using lubrication with it, it must be water-based. Wash with hot soapy water.

Measurements: It's 7" long. Starting at about 1" below the tip, it's just over 1 1/4" in diameter. Measuring right in the middle, at the tickest part, is just over 1 1/2" in diameter. When you see it in person, you might be put off by how thick it is, and it is thick. That probably won't be a problem because it has such a narrow tip, which makes insertion very easy.

Packaging: This comes packaged in a plain clear bag with no way to seal it for storage. I'm storing mine in a quart size Ziplock bag.

Pros: I really like the material and because of that and the incredible thickness of the dildo, it's my favorite so far, from all I own. It also has a pointy tip that can be used to stimulate your clitoris. One neat thing I tried was while it was inserted, I took the very tip of the dildo, where you're supposed to peel the banana, were it a real one, and rubbed it against my clit.

Cons: The vibrating bullet that you insert into the side of the dildo doesn't do much. It hardly vibrates when inserted into the slot provided, and the vibrations don't travel upward, where you need them to. It was almost impossible for me to get the bullet out of the slot. It does come with three watch batteries.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.

THE PARLOR by N.T. Morley

PUB. INFO: Fanny Press, 2009
GENRE: Contemporary Erotica/BDSM

From Publisher: Kathryn accepts her dream proposal: a contract for a year of sexual servitude in the mansion of the gorgeous Sarah and the mysterious John. Introduced to the pleasures and pains of severe bondage and discipline, Kathryn discovers that John and Sarah intend to place every portion of her anatomy available at the service of their guests, friends, and co-conspirators. She is given again and again to faceless men and women, pierced to display her submission, and punished exquisitely for the least transgression—or merely to amuse her owners. Before long it becomes clear that far more than mere submission is taking place—Sarah is far more than a mortal dominant, and the darkest embrace awaits those who offer her absolute submission. Can Kathryn resist her desire to give herself over to total pleasure and unending surrender? Or will she resist Sarah’s touch and become an enemy of this powerful creature?

MY THOUGHTS: I didn’t like anything at all about this story. I learned nothing about what led Kathryn into this lifestyle. The story is predominantly lesbian with just a couple sex scenes with men. Not at all what I like. Way too much vagina for my liking. Too much ‘punishment’ with gigantic rubber dildos by sadistic lesbians. There was no reason for this story to have been published.

I’m assuming this author is female. I have one more book by her to read and I won’t read her ever again after that.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


PUB. INFO: Fanny Press, 2009
FORMAT: Print and Ebook
SETTING: England, not sure when
HEROINE: Cecilia Roswell

From publisher: Virginal 18-year-old ingénue Cecilia Roswell is the illegitimate child of disgraced noblewoman Mary Drew, who has since been married off to the much older Lord Arthur Drew. Cecilia is shocked one afternoon to see her mother, disgraced noblewoman Mary Drew, misbehaving quite shamefully with a mysterious visitor, Mr. Beckwith. Cecilia is even more shocked when her stepfather, Lord Arthur Drew, invites Mr. Beckwith to stay at the estate for a few days. Before long, it becomes clear that Cecilia herself is the target of Mr. Beckwith’s interests, and that he intends to train her as a sexual servant through a scandalous regime of spanking, exposure, and steadily increasing erotic humiliation. As Cecilia slowly discovers her craving for these very treatments, she realizes that the life planned for her is not that of the hidden child of a noble family, for whom she is a mere inconvenience—but that of the submissive slave of a scoundrel who will stop at nothing to inveigle her into his web of sexual indulgence.

MY THOUGHTS: This is a short story, 155 pages, about a girl’s violent sexual awakening by ‘the visitor’, aka Mr. Beckwith. It was very heavy on beatings and the sex was very explicit. I’d have prefered the violence to be a little less severe. I wish Cecilia’s mother had been left out of the story. I was slightly creeped out by her participation. All that went down couldn’t and wouldn’t have happened without the mother’s help.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


This adorable glass dildo came to me via Eden Fantasys. It's called Pink Swirl G and is designed to hit your G spot. It's made by a company called SSA Glass.

MATERIAL: This is made from Pyrex glass. Glass is a very safe material and not harmful to your body. It's hypoallergenic, nonporous and easy to clean. Any type of lubrication is safe to use with it.

MEASUREMENTS: According to my own measurements, this has a total length of about 6 1/4". Not counting the ball at the end, this has an insertable length of 5". The thickest part of the head has a diameter of 1 1/2". The shaft is much slender, being just over 1" in diameter.

PACKAGING: The dildo came to me wrapped in a piece of bubble wrap. That was inside of a red, non-padded red velvet pouch. The pouch didn't come packaged in its own box/package so I'm not sure how it was stored in the warehouse or how it's stored in stores. The pouch with dildo inside was just laying in the bottom of the box that it was mailed to me in and was covered with packaging paper. Fortunately it wasn't damaged in transit.

PROS: Glass is very slick when moisture is added to it and it's very easy and simple to clean with hot soapy water. You can also warm the glass up quicky under warm water or by using the warmth of your hands.

CONS: I don't think I'm a fan of the head of this being much larger than the shaft. I'd much rather have it the other way around; narrower head, thicker shaft. It would be more pleasureable to me that way.

They have a large selection of dildos and sex toys that are made from many different materials so if glass isn't your thing, have a look around.

If you click this link you can watch a video on their site of someone discussing the toy. Just scroll down the page some.

I received this from the company in exchange for an honest review.


This unique and beautiful toy is called Icicles Swirl No. 5 and has a beautiful blue spiral that twists the entire length of the shaft. It's made by a company called Pipedream and is part of their Icicles glass toy line.

Material: It's made from Pyrex glass.
Glass is hypoallergenic, nonporous and easy to clean. But you must be very careful with it, considering where you're going to put it. Check it over carefully for cracks and store it upright in its original box or a thickly padded pouch.

Packaging: It comes packaged in a cute box that has a magnetized cover/lid, which you open like a book. Underneath is a window where you can see the dildo in the box. The toy lays snugly in Styrofoam but there isn't anything to protect the top of the toy.

Measurements: It's 7" long, not counting the base. The base is flared so it's safe for anal use. The thickest part of the head is almost 1 1/2 " in diameter. The shaft is smaller, being just over 1 1/4 " in diameter. It's pretty heavy but that shouldn't be a problem.

The ridges stick out about 1/8". I could definitely feel them and I'm not sure if I liked it or not. Future experimentation will determine that. I noticed that while using it, it was even easier to insert than toys made from plastic, which have been my favorite so far. Because of its flat base, you could place it on a flat surface or semi-flat surface, like a small pillow, and straddle it.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.

CARRIE'S STORY by Molly Weatherfield

PUB. INFO: Cleis Press, 2002
GENRE: Contemporary BD/SM
NARRATION: First Person

From Publisher: “I had been Jonathan’s slave for about a year when he told me he wanted to sell me at an auction. I wasn’t in any condition to respond when he told me this…”
So begins Carrie’s tale of uncompromising sexual adventure. Imagine the Story of O starring a Berkeley PhD in comparative lit (who moonlights as a bike messenger) with a penchant for irony, self-analysis, and anal sex. Set in San Francisco and the Napa Valley, Carrie’s Story takes the reader on a sexually explicit journey into a netherworld of slave auctions, training regimes, and human “ponies” preening for dressage competitions.

MY THOUGHTS: This was a disturbing story, to say the least. It wasn’t quite as sexually graphic as I’d expected and it certainly wasn’t erotic. I won’t even pretend to understand the whole ‘pony farm’ scenario or why someone would allow themselves to be abused in that way. It’s real sad and disturbing.

I never learned anything about Carrie’s childhood or how she came to be interested, then involved in, a BD/SM (bondage/discipline, domination/submission) relationship. I can’t understand why the author never let us in on it.

This book has a sequal called Safe Word. The author also writes historical romances under the name Pam Rosenthal.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


This vibrator from is called Pink Power Penis. It's made from safe, hypoallergenic plastic. It washes clean with hot soapy water.

MEASUREMENTS: It has an insertable length of almost 7" and a diameter of close to 1 1/2". It has a realistic head and veins. It uses 2 C batteries, which aren't included. It's pretty powerful, even on the lowest speed and is operated with a turn dial that's located at the very bottom, right where you unscrew it to insert the batteries.

The color is more of a reddish-pink than pink. It's one of many toys from their traditional vibrators line. The girth is perfect for me and I didn't need to add lube though you may need or want to. Being made from plastic, it's pretty slick when minimal moisture is on it. It also feels good laying on bare labia when turned up pretty high.

This is one toy where I prefer to use it without the vibrations. This toy isn't designed to stimulate your G spot so since it's got the classic straight shape, insertion is easier and you don't need to be as careful.

I received this from the company in exchange for an honest review.