PUB. INFO: Black Velvet Seductions 5/11
SETTING: England, 1272
GENRE: Historical Erotic Romance

From Publisher: In medieval times honorable men had to do what was required of them by the kings to whom they were loyal…

Thomas Lancaster, a widower with bad memories of marriage and a young son he barely knew was a hardened knight loyal to his king. In reward for his efforts fighting in the Crusades, King Edward gave him Middlemound Castle to hold for the crown. But the king decreed that he must marry the beautiful young widow of the castle’s previous lord.

Lady Gloriana Stewart had suffered brutally in her first marriage and had no desire to marry again. Yet she had no choice. She had to protect her people and obey her king.

All she wanted was for her new husband to give her a baby.
Having already lost one wife in childbirth, Thomas refused to even consider it.

Sir Rowan Montgomery, Thomas’s first knight, friend, and lover complicated the situation even more. Thomas didn’t want to give up Rowan and Gloriana didn’t want to admit she had feelings for her husband and for Rowan.

MY THOUGHTS: I really liked this story. There were three main characters and all were likeable. The sex scenes between Rowan and Thomas were my favorite. They were very explicit and there were more between them than there were between them/Gloriana and Thomas/Gloriana.

Thomas and Rowan had been lovers for six months before Thomas married Gloriana. Gloriana never had a problem with their sexual relationship and was facinated by it at first. I wish the scenes between the three had been more detailed and longer. Perhaps if the story had been longer than 200 pages that could have happened.

I didn’t really care for the part about Thomas wanting his son back. I wasn’t all that interested in reading about a child. Overall I was satisfied with this story and would like to read a sequal.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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