RAW DESIRE by Kate Pearce

PUBLISHING INFO: Aphrodisia, 9/2011
GENRE: Contempory Erotic Romance
SETTING: California, present day
HEROINE: Ally Kendal
HERO: Rob Ward

Unforgettable Pleasure
Ally Kendal knows returning to her hometown to sell her mother’s house isn’t going to be easy. She left in disgrace years ago and hasn’t been back since. But she’s never forgotten the one man who awakened in her a secret yearning for wildly erotic sexual pleasure…

Undeniable Desire
Rob Ward is surprised at the surge of desire he feels when he first sees Ally after all this time. He’s gotten over the betrayal he felt when he found her and his best friend together on the eve of his wedding, but it’s obvious he’s never given up wanting her. And now that she’s back he’ll show her what she’s missed, how good he makes her feel, how easy it is for him to take control and bring her to the edge of sweet surrender…

Ally: She’s twenty-eight or so. She has long dark hair and gray eyes. She’s a childhood friend of both Rob and Jackson and is a recovering drug addict.

Rob: He’s a thirty-year old sheriff. He has pale blue eyes and dark hair. He’s beyond alpha.

Jackson: He’s Rob’s roommate and fellow sheriff. He’s half American Indian and has dark hair, brown eyes.

MY THOUGHTS: This is one helluva sexual book. I lost count of how many sex scenes there were. RAW DESIRE is the most perfect title for it. This is the unconventional love story between three people: Ally, Rob and Jackson. They all were involved with each other as teenagers. Once Ally comes back to town, the sex begins. Rob is still attracted to her and he lets her know right away. She’s very passive and submissive to him. He tells her that he wants Jackson to join them always when they have sex and both she and Jackson want that too.

There are sex scenes between Ally/Rob, Ally/Jackson, Ally/Rob/Jackson and my favorite of all, Rob/Jackson. The sex scenes are beyond graphic and intense and more that I ever could have hoped to read about. When I got this book, I had no idea it would be about a sexual relationship between three people. I loved it.

As for the underlying plot, with someone out to get Ally, I was disappointed with it. I had suspected two people and I wasn’t surprised to learn who it was. I didn’t like Rob’s bitchy younger sister, Lauren, either and didn’t see the point of her character. I was real irritated at how Ally let her talk to her.

This book is a true scorcher and anyone who is into reading about graphic sex shouldn’t find one thing to complain about.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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