Publisher: Zebra  Pub. Date: July 1991
Setting: Carribean, 1817  Timespan: A few months Hero: Lord Derek Leiceter York Heroine: Lauren Masters Bodice Ripper? Not really Grade/Rating: B-/3.5 stars

Lauren Masters was both terrified and furious when a gang of white-slave traders seized her ship. The Virginia vixen swore to fight the cruel rake who carried her off to his cabin...until she saw that Derek York was no ordinary privateer. In his silk shirt and elegant waistcoat, York claimed to be an aristocrat on a secret mission. But when he shed his expensive attire, he became a golden pirate whose muscled masculinity and exquisite loving completely enslaved her senses. Now Lauren had to decide whether her virile captor meant to protect her... or seduce-then sell-her tempting flesh!

Lord Derek, heir apparent to the House of York, had infiltrated this gang of pirates for one reason-to find and rescue his abducted sister. He wasn't in the flesh peddling business, yet when he saw the beautiful ebony-haired Lauren, Derek was consumed by a desire to possess her. At first he imprisoned her in his cabin for her own protection, but soon he was making her his willing slave, roaming her luscious curves and plundering her silken flesh. And when she finally begged him to take her to the frothy peaks of rapture, he knew she'd be forever his...PIRATE'S PASSIONATE SLAVE

MY THOUGHTS: The heroine, Lauren, who's got black hair and brown eyes, in on a ship in the Carribean, on her way to settle some family business stuff for her parents, who are in Virginia, USA. The ship she's on, Miss Malaki, is taken over by another ship, The Unholy One. The hero, Derek, is captain. He's not really a pirate but is pretending to be one so that he can find his sister, who was abducted a month before when her ship was attacked by pirates.

Derek forces Lauren to stay in his cabin, to keep her away from all the crew members. She hates him instantly but he's attracted to her. He ties her hands together to keep her from struggling and, I believe, rapes her. He repeatedly tells her that he's not going to rape her and that he's there to protect her all the while attempting to have sex with her when she, clearly, doesn't want him to. She stops fighting him and gives in though, still clearly, not wanting it. From the next day and until the end of the story, they have consentual sex all the time.

I didn't care for this novel at all. I'd waited four months to read it and was so disappointed. From the time the hero and heroine meet at the beginning, the entire story is about the two of them trying to find his abducted sister, Amanda. Lots of drama ensues and Lauren gets abducted too. With just a couple of pages left, Derek and Lauren's family find her and they all live happily ever after.

Boring as hell. I don't recommend this and I'm not sure if I'd read another one by this author. Robin's complete booklist can be found here. You can also visit her website.

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