PUB. INFO: Aphrodisia May 2010
GENRE: Historical Erotic Romance
SETTING: England, 1800s
SERIES: House of Pleasure, book 5

From Publisher:

No fantasy is too wild for Madame Helene's Pleasure House -- a brothel in Regency England where forbidden desires are more than welcome...

The Most Scandalous Passions...

Lord Blaize Minshom is known throughout London for embracing every illicit longing -- the more scandalous, the better. When his estranged wife, Lady Jane, returns with an ultimatum to give her a baby, he flatly refuses -- even if it means she will turn to other men. Forced to watch Jane flirt shamelessly at the House of Pleasure, Minshom is enraged...and excited. The innocent girl he wed at seventeen has transformed into a voluptuous woman who still ignites a scorching hunger within him...

Are Always The Most Pleasurable...

After seven years apart from her husband, Jane is now ready to settle their differences and start a family. But when she is reunited with Minshom, his attitude infuriates her -- and she is determined to teach him a lesson. Yet even as Jane accepts the attentions of other men, it is Minshom she truly wants. For she alone knows how to satisfy all of his wicked needs...

MY THOUGHTS: Well, this novel was certainly up my alley. I really enjoy m/m erotica and wasn't let down at all by this. Lord Blaize Minshom is a very dark, hard, angry and scarred man due to his terrible teen years and horrible father. He's a bit hard to like but I understand his anger and need to dominate his sex partners. I didn't really like or dislike the heroine, Jane. To be honest, I wish she hadn't been in the story. I have a hard time believing she could love her husband and not care that he's out having sex with lots of other people. I didn't think Blaize's feelings for her were believable at all. He says that he doesn't prefer men but I don't believe it.

My favorite characters are Robert Brown and Captain David Gray. Now there's a couple I could read about all day. Robert is very submissive and I feel sorry for him. To me, he seems really beatten down and I'd really like to know more about him. I would so love for them to be the stars of a spin-off series.

One of the best threesome sex scenes I'd ever read about took place in this novel and I won't soon forget it. Two thumbs up to you Kate Pearce! I do look forward to reading more from you. I'll be getting this entire series because I must know about all the characters in this novel who were introduced in the previous novels. I really want to know about Blaize Minshome and Lord Anthony Sokorvsky.

I don't like this cover at all because it looks contemporary.

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