Bodice Ripper Novelists- Men Masquerading as Women

I know of a few 'female' historical romance authors who wrote in the 70s and 80s who are really men. Below is information on them. If anyone has a photo of someone I've got listed but have no photo for, please contact me.

Updated list here.

Jennifer Wilde, aka Tom Huff

Loves Tender Fury (1976)
  • Dare to Love (1978)
  • Love Me, Marietta (1981)
  • Once More, Miranda (1983)
  • When Love Commands (1984)
  • Angel in Scarlet (1986)
  • The Slipper (1987)
  • They Call Her Dana (1989)
  • Falconridge (1990)
  • Betrayal at Blackcrest (1991)
  • Come to Castlemoor (1991)
  • Whisper in the Darkness (1991)
  • Room Beneath the Stairs (1992)
  • The Lady of Lyon House (1992)
  • Midnight at Mallyncourt (1992)
  • Susannah, Beware (1992) aka Nine Buck's Row
  • Stranger by the Lake (1993)
  • Jamintha (1994)

Christina Savage aka Kerry Newcomb and Frank Schaefer
  • Love`s Wildest Fires (1977)
  • Dawn Wind (1980)
  • Tempest (1982)
  • Hearts of Fire (1984)

Shana Carrol aka Kerry Newcomb and Frank Schaefer
  • Raven   1978
  • Live For Love   1984
  • Paxon Pride  1984
  • Yellow Rose  1984
  • Rebels in Love  1984

Elizabeth Bright, aka Tim Myers

Reap the Wiild Harvest (1979)
Desire's Legacy (1981)
A Lasting Splendor (1981)
Passion's Heirs (1981)
Destiny's Thunder (1983)
A Heritage of Passion (1983)
The Virginians (1984)

Emma Blair, aka Iain Blair

Hester Dark GF 1989-09
The Blackbird's Tale GF 1991-08
A Most Determined Woman GF 1994-05
The Princess of Poor Street GF 1994-05
Street Song GF 1994-05May-1994
When Dreams Come True GF 1994-05
Nellie Wildchild GF 1996-07
Half Hidden GF 1997-04
This Side of Heaven GF 1997-04
Where No Man Cries GF 1997-08
Jessie Gray GF 1997-12
Flower of Scotland GF 1998-03
An Apple from Eden GF 1999-01
Maggie Jordan GF 1999-08
Goodnight, Sweet Prince GF 2000-01
Wild Strawberries GF 2000-11
Forget-Me-Not GF 2001-10
Moonlit Eyes GF 2002-01
Finding Happiness GF 2003-02
Twilight Time GF 2004-01Jan
Little White Lies GF 2005-03
Sweethearts GF 2007-11

Christina Nicholson, aka Christopher Nicole (born 1930)
Christopher Nicole Bio Link
  • Power and the Passion (1977)
  • The Savage Sands (1978)
  • Queen of Paris (1979)

Pamela South, aka Donald Bain
  • Daughter of the South

Lee Jackson, aka Donald Bain

 Stephanie Blake, aka Jack Pearl (cousin to author Donald Bain)

Callie Knight (1970)
Daughter of Destiny (1977)
Flowers of Fire (1977)
Blaze of Passion (1978)
So Wicked My Desire (1979)
Secret Sins (1980)
Wicked Is My Flesh (1980)
Scarlet Kisses (1981)
Unholy Desires (1981)
A Glorious Passion (1982)
Fires of the Heart (1982)
Bride of the Wind (1984)
Texas Lily (1987)
This World Is Mine (1988)
The Devil in My Heart (1990)

Petra Leigh, aka Peter Ling (obituary)
Garnet   1978
Rosewood   1979
Coral   1979

Francesca Greer, aka Frankie-Lee Janas
  • First Fire (1981)
  • The Second Sunrise (1981)
  • Bright Dawn (1983)

Peter O'Donnell, aka Madeleine Brent (obituary)
  • Tregaron's Daughter (1971)
  • Moonraker's Bride (1973)
  • Stranger at Wildings (1975)
  • Merlin's Keep (1977)
  • The Capricorn Stone (1979)
  • The Long Masquerade (1981)
  • Heritage of Shadows (1983)
  • Stormswift (1984)
  • Golden Urchin (1987)


ONLY IN YOUR ARMS by Lisa Kleypas, original version of ‘When Strangers Marry.’

PUBLISHER: Avon, 4/1992
GENRE: Historical Romance
SERIES: Vallerands, #1

FROM PUBLISHER: Fleeing an impending marriage with a man she loathes, Lysette Kersaint is nevertheless forced to marry someone equally unappealing--notorious master duelist Maximilien Vallerand--who awakens her desires in surprising new ways.

BOOK COMPARISON: In 2002, the Lisa Kleypas novel When Strangers Marry’ came out. It was actually a rewritten version of her 1992 Avon novel Only In Your Arms’. A few changes were made.

One change in the rewrite (When Strangers Marry) is a scene where the heroine Lysette doesn’t want to have sex on her wedding night. That was OK with the hero Max. She asks him if he’s going to visit his quadroon mistress that night and he says ‘yes.’ Then there is a little over two pages of dialog between the hero and his mistress. In the REWRITE, Lysette does not ask Max if he’s going to see his mistress but instead asks him if he’s going out. He tells her yes and the part where he visits his mistress is completely removed from the story.

Another change is during a scene in the original version (Only In Your Arms) when Lysette, Max and his twin sons are eating stolen watermellon. When she and Max are alone, she mentions his dead wife Corinne. That angers Max and he grabs Lysette by the shoulders, lifts her off the ground and tells her to never mention Corinne’s name again. In the rewrite, the part where she mentions Corinne never happens.

The last change that was made was a scene in the original version where Lysette tells Bernard, Max’s brother, who murdered Max’s wife, Corinne, that someone is out to murder him because he murdered Corinne years before. Lysette tells Bernard to hide in their warehouse. Max meets him there and tells him to leave on a ship and to never, ever come back or he’d kill him.

In the rewritten version it was Lysette, NOT Max who goes to the warehouse to see Bernard. She gives him money and tells him she’d just spoken to a captain of a ship that’s about to leave. She wants Bernard to be on that ship.

THE LOVER by Nicole Jordan- Old version vs. New

In 2004, Ballantine reissued the 1997 Avon historical romance novel ‘The Lover.’ The reissued ISBN is 0804119856. The ISBN for the original version is 0380785609.

One controversial scene was changed from the original version. In that scene, the hero, Niall, cheats on the heroine and she actually sees it happen. In the rewrite, when the heroine comes upon the hero with the woman and he’s about to cheat with, he doesn’t cheat, right at the last possible minute. That’s the only difference between the two versions. In my opinion, if you want to read the book, read the original. There is no need to also read the rewrite just to see what the differences were.