THE LILY BRAND by Sandra Schwab

This is German author Sandra Schwab's first novel and is out of print. It was published by Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing) in 2005.

Heroine is Lillian Marianne Abberley, 19, dark curly hair. The hero is Murgatroyd 'Troy' Sacheverell, mid to late 20's, auburn hair and 'cornflower' blue eyes. They are both from England. Troy was raised by his grandmother after his parents died.

PART 1- France, 1815.

Troy is a naval officer who has been taken prisoner after being shot in the leg. He is inprisoned with other men and chained to the wall in a cell. 'The Black Widow', Camille, showed up to pick out a new 'toy' for Lillian. She told the prison guard she was interested in Troy so he made him look up. Camille felt his crotch through his pants. She made Lillian feel it too. Camille told her to 'stroke it some' to see if it was in 'good working order.' Camille is Lillian's stepmother. Lillian's father is dead. Camille told the guard that they'd take Troy, clean him up, shave his beard and put him in the other carriage so they could take him home. They don't know his name.

They're at their home, Château du Marais. After dinner Lillian went to her bedroom. Troy was tied down onto some rack-like contraption and his head had been shaved, along with his face. He was nude except for a pair of golden breeches and gagged. That's what all of Camille's favorite male servants wear. Camille had two different whips. She wanted Lillian to see the difference between the two, so she whipped Troy with each one. Camille tells her that after one month, they will have to decide which is to go; his tongue or his 'balls.' Camille smacked Troy when he pulled away from her. She had Lillian go over to the fireplace and get out a wooden handled brand. She wanted Lillian to brand Troy anywhere she wants. She decides to brand him above his left nipple. She does it and the brand is in the design of a lily. Camille is excited, claps, blows her a kiss then leaves her alone in the room with him. Lillian has food brought in and feeds it to him after removing his gag.

The next morning at breakfast with Lillian, Camille has a male servant lay on the table so she can eat her food off of him and she also drips hot chocolate on him. Afterwards, Lillian goes for a walk on the property with Troy, who's got a leash around his neck. She ties him to a tree then goes into a grotto. Inside, she meets a boy who is to take her to a boat so she can escape Camille. She's paying him with jewels. She thinks about taking Troy with her so she goes back and gets him. The three of them leave in a cart that's pulled by two ponies. They haven't traveled far when Lillian makes the smuggler stop the cart so that Troy can get out. She unlocks his chains and leaves him there and continues on. She takes off her locket and throws it to him, since he doesn't have any money and can use it escape with. That locket has a picture of her dead parents in it. They arrive at a house where her old nanny Nanette lives. When Lillian's father died, Camille had Nanette sent away. Lillian changes her clothes then she and Nanette sail away to London to her grandfather's home.

PART II- London, 1816, about 6 months later.

Lillian is at a ball conversing with Alexander Markham, Viscount Perrin, blonde hair, blue eyes. He tells her his cousin (guess who) was wounded and taken prisoner a few months before he was to fight in the war. Alex begins to court Lillian. Later at another ball, he tells her his cousin is supposed to be there and wants her to meet him. Troy walks up to them and he and Lillian recognize each other. She passes out. Another day, Troy is talking with his cousin. Alex tells him he's already been to see Lillian that morning, to see how she's doing since last night. Troy yells at him, tells him not to marry that 'hussy'. Alex tells him he's crazy and leaves. Troy decides to pay Lillian a visit at a party that night, to try and get her to stay away from Alex. They're alone in a room together. He backs her against the wall, calls her a bitch, kisses her and bites her lip, making it bleed. He rips the front of her dress open and repeatedly calls her a bitch. A few people come to investigate and see them together. Troy leaves.

The next day, that incident is in the paper. Lillian's aunt Louisa is yelling, saying she's ruined and will have to marry him. She says she won't. Alex, Viscount Perrin arrives then. He tells her he's just read about what happened and wants to marry her. She turns him down. Troy, who's scared his cousin will want to marry her, decides to propose to her himself. She doesn't want to marry him but he tells her she needs to think about how the scandal will effect her family, so after telling him she's no longer a virgin, she says she'll marry him. They marry a week later and they, along with Nanette, travel to his country estate, Bair Hall. On the way there, they stay at an inn. Troy comes to her room. He calls her a bitch several times, kisses her and tells her to rub his c--k, which she does. He's clothed, on top of her. He feels sick, turns away from her, gets up and says, "You disgust me. God, how you disgust me." He leave the room.

Part III- Weeks later at Troys estate, they don't see each other much. Two of his friends, Drake and Justin, come to visit one day. They're out near the lake having a picnic together. One is laying his head in the others lap while he reads from a book. They kiss each other and Lillian, who was headed to that spot, see's them and stops. They spot her nearby and tell her to come over and join them. They chat then she leaves.

PART IV- Alex, Viscount Perrin goes to see Lillian at home. He calls her a 'doxy' and accused her of having an affair with Drake, Troy's friend. He tells her she's going to let him 'shag' her, puts his hand on her throat and says she's going to let him use her for his pleasure. She claws his face, drawing blood. She starts crying and leaves. Drake tells Troy that his cousin Alex is spreading rumors about him and Lillian. Drakes says that Troy and Lillian need to be seen together in public more and invites him to yet another party. At the party, Camille comes to see Lillian. She tells her she's heard she'd married now. She asks Lillian about her 'toy', meaning Troy. Lillian, trying to protect Troy, tells her that she left him tied to a tree before she ran away and that she could probably find his bones out there if she looked. Troy hears that and comes into the room. Camille doesn't recognize him at all. They chat a bit and Camille leaves. Troy and Lillian leave the party and in the carriage she's upset and crying. She says it's because Camille had brought her favorite servant Antoine. She tells him that years ago, Camille made Antoine rape her while she stood there watching and giving directions. Troy tells her he doesn't want to hear anymore. From then on, Troy understands her a bit more and has sympathy for her and doesn't hate her as much. Lillian tells him that she's scared that Camille will realize who he is and do something bad to him and she wants him to leave London. He says he isn't scared of Camille and he isn't going anywhere.

Lillian's life-long nanny and friend Nanette is killed after a church burns down. Soon after, Troy travels back to France to try to find Lillian's locket that he'd sold. He tracks it down then travels back home. Lillian isn't home when he arrives so he bathes. While getting dressed he walks back into his bedroom and Camille is laying on his bed. Her two men grab him. He struggles with them then gets hit in the head and passes out.

PART V- Lillian arrives back home. She's told Troy is back home so she goes to his bedroom and knocks. There is no answer so she lets herself in the room. The room is a mess and she see's blood on the white bedspread. Camille left a note saying to meet her in the forest. There is a bloody handkerchief.......with part of Troy's ear in it. She runs out of the room and tells the servants to find Drake and Justin and have them meet her in the forest with guns. Lillian gets to the forest. Camille and her two men are there with Troy tied to a tree. Lillian takes a gun out of her pocket, shoots and kills Camille. Drake and Justin show up and shoot the two men and untie Troy.

They get home, bathe then have sex for the first time. She tells Troy she loves him and he says he loves her too. He gives her the locket with her parents pictures in it and says, "I love you, my Lilly."


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